Sterling Kit Car ~ Turbo Corvair Motor ~ Great Project

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This Sterling Kit Car needs some attention, but ran when I last parked it, and is a great start on a valuable kit! I've had it for several years, and haven't had the time to get it finished, so I'm going to have to part with it. I know it would be worth way more when finished, but my loss is your gain. The turbo Corvair motor had a bunch of work done to it, I had the carb, turbo, alternator, starter, plugs, points, coil and brake lines and brake master cylinder all replaced, 4 brand new tires are on it (less than 5 miles on them!!) Over $2500 worth of parts and work in the last two years. I haven't tried to start it in the last 9 months, so the gas should be drained before starting, but the engine ran great when I parked it. It needs a driver window and sunroof window among other things, but all the parts needed for the car are available through a supplier online. There's a lot of good stuff about this car, the fiberglass is mostly in good shape, there's a little spiderwebbing in the back corner but it's overall pretty straight. The top hydraulics are all there, but not currently operational, you can tell that someone had this car tricked out once upon a time, it won't take that much for the right person to get it great again. Do a google search for Sterling Kit Cars, and you'll see what this car could be with some love and attention. It should go without saying, but you'll have to have this car towed/shipped. I can recommend some shipping companies if you need it. Take a look at the pics, and let me know if you have any questions. Bid to win, and I guarantee you'll get noticed when you drive this baby around, the Corvair Turbo motor puts out a lot of power for this light fiberglass car, and it can really haul.

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