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Buy now so you can be ready for the Sterling gathering in Carlisle, PA on May 17th, 2013 (It's the 40th Sterling Anniversary)!

The countdown can be found here!

This is the company that sells these kits, note at the bottom the price. I am asking well under the price for a incomplete vehicle, even though my vehicle is complete and runs. Additionally, my vehicle has over 12 speakers and a 15" Sub-Woofer in the trunk (front trunk).

In the pictures the car is hooked to jumper cables because the battery was dead "no other reason". I will provide the buyer with a brand new battery from Auto Zone along with the receipt.


- Rear Engine Vehicle
- Big Sound System
- 2 Dual CD Players
- DVD Player
- TV
- Back Up Camera
- Runs
- Custom Rims
- Show Tires
- Black Light Under-glow around the entire under body, looks awesome at night with controls.
- No A/C but can be bolted right on
- Titles as a (ASPT) Assembled from parts.
- WT-L-BHP is 1780
- Private Use

- Engine was rebuilt by previous owner who did it very well...
- Previous owner also replaced the hydraulic lifts with electronic ones...

- Super Beetle Engine / Drive Train / Frame

- The amplifier for the sound system has been removed and destroyed (it has just burnt itself out) and a new one can be bought and everything plugged right back in for approximately $120.

- I have had it garaged for the last 7 years, no one has been in the vehicle at all. I pushed it out on 4-21-2012 and jump started it. on the 3rd crank it fired right up, once I let it come up to temp and checked all the systems, I took it for a 20 mile loop without any problems. (Never got over 200F)

- There has been a mouse in the vehicle and has caused some damage to the carpet, none of the wires from what I can tell.


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