sterling kit 59vw frame 83porshe t-axle 2110 vw/efi

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This Sterling,body#1 00135 was purchased in May of 1979 by Richard S. Dick from Alberto Ciccrelli, California Components. It had been an incredable adventure for him. He had Ed Pink Racing build a Porsche 912 engine with all the heavy duty parts. Ed Pink had a shop for dragster and Indi car engines. The engine was topped off with a pair of 48 Weber carbs. The wireing was by Bobs Auto Wireing out of Burbank, California. I was under the impression he took the car to shows. My records show that he had California license on the car from 1978 to 1991. Then somewhere between 91 and 94 he moved to Arizona. Some time after that he pased away and had left the car with his son Ryan. Ryan wanted the car taken car of, but did not want the commitment of the cars care. He put the car on E-Bay. When I first saw the car on E-Bay I felt I had to have it. I bid on it and won! I had it shipped to Washington State were I first saw the car in person. It arived on a trailer. It looked realy nice. I raised the top on the car and climbed in while the delivery driver untied it. It started up running very rich... but it did run. Then, I realized why it's good to ask questions or do at least a little research about things before you buy them. There was no way someone 6'4" tall could put the top down. I drove the car off the trailer into my driveway and began plans on restructure of the car so I could drive it comfortably.

I called a friend of mine (the bug dr) who had lots of experience with this type of thing. He had helped me with a dune buggy in the past. He said the first thing we needed was an off road body lift kit. That gave us 3 1/2 inches of clearence right off. We gave up on the porshe engine as it had been in storage for years and parts were quite expensive. He had a 2110 built by a shop out of Seattle. I ordered a webber EFI system for fuel. HIs son Jake set that up for me. We started with hi octaine gas and then adjusted it for E-85 fuel with 10 1/2 to 1 compression. Talk about sweet. Then I discovered the gearing on the car was so low you could almost walk faster. So, I ordered a heavy duty bug tranny our of Cal. and installed it. It broke the first time I tested it. When number 2 tranny broke as well I decided I needed another system. It was about that time that my step daughter was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a type of bone and soft tissue cancer. All projects came to a screeming halt. My wife, my daughter, and I left Bellingham and moved to the Ronald McDonald House next to Children's Hospital in Seattle for 10 months. Talk about scarey! Somehow the good lord saw fit to give us a break, and with the help of some increadibly hard working Dr.s, nurses, and hospital staff, she has had no more sign of cancer for over 3 years. We had wonderful staff and vounteers at the Ron Don House, and the whole Seattle area community was filled with people who were so gratious and helpful during our stay.

Upon our return to Belingham the Sterling was ready for a new plan. I got help from a friend from work who is a good welder. I gave up the vw transaxle and went with a 1986 porshe transaxle. After much cutting and chopping, we got it to fit. I went with a 14x6 type 505 American racing wheels for the front and 17x8 for the rear. For taller gearing I went with BF Goodrich G-Force 255/45 ZR17 tires on the rear and BF Goodrich Precept Touring 195/65 R14 on the front. Les Schwab did the wheel and tire mounting and balancing. The taller tires on the back gave me room to drop the floor down another 4". With a 10 gage steel plate it firmed up the floor and made it easy to mount the porsche shift and mounting plate. I shortened the linkage and lowered the center console to make it easy and comfortable to shift. A new set of black reclining bucket seats and I was in buisness. I did then however notice that it was impossible to see behind the car, so I installed a rear view camera and a screen that mounts on the dash. I went with a corvette steering column and wired it in to handle ignition controls. The instrumentation is porsche which gives a good visual effect and is quite accurate. Jason at C.A.R.S. installed the hydrolics for the top and a remote to open the top and start the engine. I had Jerome's Upholstery put down the carpets and floor pads. They also did a very nice cover for the efi computer with a pair of speakers in it.

We have taken the car to several car shows and cruises over the past couple years. These included the Colby Cruise in Everett for 2 years, Ferndale Old Settlers Show and Shine, Bellingham Sea to Ski Show in Boulevard Park, and Ferndale Haggen's Show N Shine. We also joined the 4th Corner Elites Car Club last year. I won a plaque for "Favorite Cruiser" last year in the Colby Cruise. I think I should get a rubber neck award as I get more double takes by people everywhere I go compaired to other cars that grace these types of shows. I do not trailer the car but have driven it to all of these events as well as occasional outings for fun.

As time has passed our goals in life have changed. I am no longer able to work on things the way I used to, and the time has come for the Sterling to find a new home. This comes with mixed emotions, and I want to thank all who helped me and were a part of this journey. Also we wanted to give back to some organizations that played a part in changing our livesforever by helping to save our teen daughter from her cancer in the midst of this car project. Ronald McDonald House Charities will be getting a percentage of our winning bid. We seperatly will be donating to the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation an equal amount, as only one charity can be donated to through e-bay from the winning bid. This was a desision that we made back when she was in treatment at Seattle Children's Hospital.

The car is very nice however, it is an older fiberglass body and does have minor inperfections as shown in the pictures. The engine does require E-85 for fuel at this time but the Webber Electronic Fuel System could be set to run on premium gasoline. This car does have alot of power and one must behave with it. The sterling does not have air conditioning in it, however I did put in vents for air circulation and five electric fans to operate air cirulation. Two for outside air, two for heated air, and one for the front window defogger.


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