1977 Sterling Kit Car

Price: US $5,500

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Funnybug sez:
does have a bit of an agressive rake to it.

Ebay Description:

Sterling Kit Car. This is one of the most exotic Kit cars on the market and coming on it's 40th anniversary. Look like a million dollars while paying only a fraction of the cost. Drive a car that belongs in the year 2010, and not some "cookie cutter type" that everyone else is driving). Built on a 77 VW chasis. Fiberglass Body is in great shape with some minor stress cracks. Canopy top is manual as of now, but there is a kit to make it remote control/hydraulic. I bought the "gas shocks" for the top, but have not put them in. Check out the Sterling Kit car web site to see all the accessories. Interior has been done, floors have been dropped, with new sheet metal, Jute carpet backing (great sound deadening fabric), new felt black carpet, 2 new 6x9 speakers, and DVD screen. All gauges are installed, seats have been redone with new black vinyl and foam, on original fiberglass "scoop" seats. Windshield is intact with no cracks, I do have the pas. side window intact as well, but not the driver's side, I removed it while working on the car, and it went missing (but can be obtained on the Sterling web site). DVD screen is on the dash but not hooked up to the player (all connecting wires are there and it's covering the former radio hole). Wheels have been painted aluminum. Trunk area has undercoating on the bottom of it. Brake reservoir needs replacing. This is a rolling car as of now, be aware of this when considering shipping or transporting the vehicle. Please note: engine has been removed. Which allows you to put in a more powerful engine as there are several options for the Sterling. This car has a lot of potential for the right buyer. Might have some electrical issues as well, but all wiring is there and installed. Was a daily driver from previous owner, then sat for a while. I got it non-running and had the engine removed. Wish I could finish the job, but have more pressing projects pending. This is a very rare car, but all parts ae readily available through their web site. Also: this car owes some back DMV FEES here in CA, it will be out of the DMV system I am told by next year, this does not apply to out of state folks or even out of the USA. NOTE: Do a YOUTUBE search for Sterling Kit car, to see some really nice ones. The fiberglass kits for this model cost from $10,000 - $12,000. **NOTE** THIS VEHICLE HAS A DMV TITLE: "SPCN": (I've added a scan of it, in case you need to show your DMV),below is some info I found online about it:

Perhaps the single greatest contribution to the California kit car builder comes from Senator K. Maurice
Johannessen, who penned SB1911 (struck down by the California Air Resources Board...although Gov. Davis - in
a letter that contained exactly the verbage of a letter from CARB - said he would not sign the bill), and then
refurbished it to be SB100. The differences between the bills being that SB100 limits the number of cars that can
be registered to 500; the previous bill had no such restriction.
The newer - and passed! - legislation allows private builders to register their cars as smog exempt - assuming
that you meet all of the necessary criteria.
In a nutshell, SB100 allows you to register your car as a BRAND NEW car (called a 'SPCN'), with a 1965 smog

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