Sebring / Sterling 1915cc Webbers Kitcar Replica Exotic

Sold For: US $6,500

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Funnybug sez:
different dash than the Sterling.. maybe this is a Sebring?.

Ebay Description:

1969 Sterling kit car. Titled as a 1969 Volkswagen. This car is reminiscent of many high end exotics and super cars but at a fraction of the price. Constructed of very thick fiberglass. This car shows NO signs of stress cracks or spider webbing that is typical of fiberglass cars of this vintage. As I stated the body is in very nice condition. The gel coat has a nice luster to it yet and shines well. No major cracks, scratches or chips to speak of. The fiberglass canopy raises and lowers by one touch of a remote key fob. Up and down by dual electric rams. The interior was recently replaced and up dated with new carpet all around, custom aluminum dash and center tunnel, fabric covered dash pad, new gray seats, 5% tinted side windows, new F1 style steering wheel and out fitted with a cadillac telescopic/tilting steering column. The telescopic and tilting steering column is a very nice feature in this type of kit car. Most of these car had fixed mounted steering columns. Making it very uncomfortable to drive. Another nice advantage of the Sebring or its sister car the Sterling is that the floor has been lowered greatly to accomodate taller people. The brakes work well and stop the car nicely. Tires are like brand new. No signs of cracks or uneven ware. This Sebring is out fitted with a 1915cc, air cooled, dual webber carbs and for speed transmission. The 1915cc is a nice motor. with plenty of power. The engine runs well but could use a little fine tunning to the dual carbs. Push rod tubes leak slightly as do most VW motors do. The clutch feels strong. does not slip. However the pedal does seems a bit high to me. But it has been a long time since driving and old VW car. The only short comings the car has is: The tachometer does not operate all the time. Engine temp and oil pressure guage do not seem to work. Could just be a bad ground. But the important gauges work properly such as the gas, speedometer, voltmeter and believe it or not the clock. Windshield wiper motor is missing part of the linkage.(junkyard) The motor operates though. That is about it. The car is fun to drive. You get a ton of looks. Whenever you pull up some place everyone wants to talk about the car. You really start to think you own an expensive super car. Just because of all the attention you get.

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