1975 Sterling Red Low Miles California Street Legal

Price: US $13,999.99

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Ebay Description:

Vehicle Description
This beautiful red and silver 1975 Sterling kit car.
This vehicle has a clear title,It is completely street legal in California.Not an easy thing to do.And it is registered as a "Sterling".
If you have any questions about the item, please don't hesitate to contact me.
On the outside, it looks much like Lamborghini, Pantera, or a Ferrari. It is sometimes referred to as
an affordable Exotic car. The body is in very good condition for an 35 year old car, showing little
wear 'n' tear. It has some nice touches, like fog lights, electric canopy roof top, original Mag
wheels, updated look, complete car history, etc. There is no rust on the body because it is made
entirely of fiber glass. When the canopy top starts to lift up on its own (hydraulic top), everyone
stops what they are doing and can't help themselves and stares.
Total human cargo up to 2 people. The seats are fiberglass seats with covers and cushions, the
seats can slide front and back for different height drivers and passengers. The floor pan has
been dropped 3 inches to accommodate taller drivers. Looking around in the car you'll find the Pioneer
AM/FM/CD/XM radio, JL 6.5 Coaxial speakers, Backup 7 inch LCD TV and tinted glass.
Gauges for the car are mounted neatly in the plexi glass dash, with a state-of-the-art look. The
gauges are white faced VDO gauges(Tac, Speedo, Battery, Fuel and Oil Pressure). The interior
was redone in 2000 from the plaid interior to this black interior. All of the original gauges and
parts taken off will go with the car when sold. So all in all it is a real eye catcher.
No work is needed on this car but if you did want to do some work on it, such as motor, brake,
suspension, and electrical, can be done by any VW mechanic or your self if your mechanically
inclined. The motor and tranny are from a 1974 Porsche 914, it is a 4 cly 2.0 Liter engine, 4
speed transmission. Most kit cars of this design use the original VW Engine but this one has a
very nice upgrade! The Chasse is a 1975 VW Beetle and thats how its titled. The original fuel injection was removed and replaced with a Holly Carb and a
SCAT Progressive Induction System with a Monza style exhaust. It has an inline fuel pump with
a fuel pressure regulator to keep a good steady pressure. Its been a nice car to own and has been very dependable. I get about 27 MPG
when I drive it around, so it gets pretty good gas milage.
The original builder had built several kit cars. He had this car in his collection for around 20
years. The 2nd owner was interviewed to have the ability to buy the car. The 2nd owner bought
it around 1999. After he bought it, he had a mechanic and electrical engineer go over the car (I
believe in 2000). The Electrical engineer re-did most of the wiring starting from a new GM fuse
block and on back. While the car was getting checked out and updated, the original plaid interior
was taken out and replaced with black interior to give it a more modern look. The gauges were all
replaced with white faced VDO gauges and the new smoked plexi glass dash. Quite a few of the
original parts will go with the car (like the original gauges, dashes, etc). So with the 2nd owners
refreshed kit car, he drove it around and put on about 5,000 miles on it in the time he owned it.
He eventually ordered a custom Harley Davidson and the wife said something has to go. So it was sold
to the third owner in 2004.The third owner took the vehicle to a lot of car shows and won a lot of trophies as you can see in the photos.We are the fourth owner and bought this vehicle at the end of 2007.

There is some spare side
glasses that come with the car along with some other custom stuff like more dashes, custom tail
light configuration, the original Sterling Car Cover from California Component Cars (CCC), etc.
Also going with the car is the entire historical documentation which includes the original order
sheet for the kit car, schematics and drawings from the original builder, news paper clippings
about the sterling, original builders manual, magazines about the sterling, pamphlets, brochures,
sales fliers, etc. That book is almost 3 inches thick with this documentation. I
could go on an on about the car but to see everything that comes with it and how impressive it is,
you know this is a great piece of history with such futuristic styling's even for today!
Just about everywhere I go, people stare! This is a very Rare Exotic car. I have people at stop
signs, lights, driving down the roads and interstates asking me what it is. So expect to get some
attention when driving this car around! I really like to pull into the gas station and before I get to
the pump, I start raising the top. That gets the attention of the entire station.

Disclaimer, etc.:
I've done my best to describe this item, however I am human and, subsequently, imperfect. So I'm
sure I've forgotten some detail, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Please read the
descriptions and details. Look at the pics.Please note: these pictures were taken at end of 2007.The vehicle still pretty much looks the same today,it has had no damage to it and has been driven very little.I can take more current pictures if necessary and will be happy to do so for serious buyers.. Think about what you're bidding on before you bid. If you have any questions, just
ask - I'm just an e-mail away. Take a look at my feedback here.
It should go without saying, but don't bid on this item if you don't actually plan on buying it.
Don't bid on it if you can't afford it, or don't plan on paying for it. Don't bid on this if you have a
feedback of less than 10, or if you have a significant amount of negative feedback without
contacting me first.
I'll need a $1000 deposit at end of auction, and the rest within a week (7 days). If shipping is needed,
shipping will be arranged and paid for by the buyer.
If you would like more information, just ask, and I'll do what I

Also,if there is someone out there with a Delorean for trade I would consider a possible trade.
Thanks for viewing, and have a great day!

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