1975 Sterling

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Funnybug sez:
At the very end of 'Death Race 2000', the hero drives away in a Sterling just like this one. Probably one of the best B movies ever.

Ebay Description:

Up for bid is a 1975 Sterling on a 1969 Volkswagen chassis. The car is in great running condition. I got the car with a couple problems which are usually the normal ones for VW chassis. I do not know who built the kit car nor does the guy whom i bought from. By the looks of it the car was built right and has been taken care of very well before i got it and during my owner ship. I have fixed many problems and all that is left to do is cosmetics, like rim and tires, and other like things. I like to work on VW cars and wish i could do more work on them but business projects are demanding more of my time. I simply do not have time to fully finish the car as i like to. The car has a strong 1835cc VW motor with an Weber Progressive 2-BBL carburetor, dropped pans, fiberglass bucket seats, working lights to make it legal to drive in any state, has a sound system FM/AM Cassette Player with 2 speakers which worked but found that who ever put in did a VERY bad job with the wiring- I uninstalled it and was planning on put a system of own in it that would be worthy of the car-, steering is good and strong, transmission and clutch works with no problems. Over all it drives well, everything works (unless noted). It also has all glass windows, windshield and rear window. I have made side windows able to pop-out and quick removal.

Car comes with 2 Sterling manuals. I do not have the plexi-glass covers for the headlights.

What I have done:
-Installed Power Top- I used actuators from Firgelli Auto with 2 wireless remotes, so you can open the top of the car like you would with a key less remote.
The gas springs that came with the car need to be replaced. Top works fine with the worn out springs but new ones would make the actuators last alot longer and work faster.
-Replaced both rear wheel cylinders - they did not work. Both of the front are still good.
All break shoes are good with plenty of life on them.
-Replaced Master Cylinder - because it was leaking
-Installed Power mirrors
-Replaced all of the Shocks with Empi Gas Charged Performance Shocks
-Upgraded to an Electronic Ignition with a Flame Thrower Coil
-New 8mm Spark Plug Wires
-Upgraded to an Alternator with built in Regulator
-New (Standard) Heater Boxes - i made my own modification. I have enlarged the inlet and outlet of the heater box to 3 in. OD without having to modify the exhaust. I had trouble getting
hot air up to the seats so i changed the heater boxes and put in 2 Attwood 4 in. bowers that are wired to a off/low/medium/high switch . I now can drive the car the winter of northern
IL 25 deg outside and be nice and warm.
-Fix both Oil Temp and Pressure
-Replace Gas Sender unit
-Replaced Battery
-Installed a Battery Disconnect
-Replaced Gas Tank fill hose

All parts came from JC Whitney and Mid America Motorworks

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