SUPER COOL Vintage Sterling Sports Car

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Funnybug sez:
At the very end of 'Death Race 2000', the hero drives away in a Sterling just like this one. Probably one of the best B movies ever.

Ebay Description:

PRICE REDUCED ALOT/ enough to do the rest of the little things to this car to make it beyond cool to AWSOME!! DRIVE IT!!! VERY COOL as it is now!!! I have had ALOT of cars but none catches the attention like this one. I say it is a mini project because there is not a whole lot left to be done to it. For the most part it is in EXCELLENT condition. The fiberglass body has NO cracks but there is a dime size hole where and under where the decal is on the hood. Iam thinking that at one time someone had a tach mounted there. The floor pans and frame is solid. It was kind of sad when I got the car, it had sat for years and didnt not have a motor. I got the motor from my cousin and he told me that a good bunch of money had been put into the motor and what mildly built up for more horsepower. It runs GREAT and with the new exhaust sounds like one bad ass V8. 2 things though, it does have a miss on the one cylinder and the seal motor to transmssion has an oil leak. Since I bought the car between doing ebay and my business 12 -14 hrs a day everyday I do not have the time to pull the motor, which only take about an hour, to replace the seal. Also I talked to a guy who builds VWs and drag races them and he said that he would bet that it needs an intake gasket because the compression is good on the cylinder. Tranny is AOK 4 speed and has a Hurst shifter. Brake shoes all have been replaced, drums turned and new master cylinder. Tires and wire wheels are GREAT, the wheels are American Racing and were at one time on a Corvette. I also included are the original Sterling wheels. It drives down the road AOK so I do beiive the suspention is AOK.New electronic ignition. New wiper motor, arm and blade.Things I would have like to have done more to the car is replace the passenger bucket seat. It is out of a car and sets to high so it needs a clam shell seat like the drivers side. They can be bought on ebay or Summit. I would love to have put on a hydrylic lift for the top.The tops seal is ok but I believe that it should be replaced. It can be bought through Sterling. Also I see that Sterling now sells a ground effect that will hide the little bit of floor pan that can be seen.They would be cool and really add to the sleek look. Oh and plex headlight covers would be awesome. It needs a radio. One sort of sad thing is I do not have a title. I do believe that it is ready for inspection for a home manufactured vehicle. I assure you all componets are legit. Getting a title is maybe the most important thing that I sould do to sell it but really really do not have the time to have the car loaded up and taken to the inspection station. For the most part what is pushing me to sell it now other than lack of time is I lost the storage space I had for my Mustangs, the building was been torn down and I now have a car here and there and there and there till I find another place. I'm one of the most honest persons you will find, nothing to hide but it is being sold AS IS so ask a million question if wish.Feel free to call, evenings after 7:00 is best. $500.00 non refundable deposit within 48 hrs of aution close. Full payment within 14 days. Located 60 mi south of Toledo Oh. I beleive that I seen a year made under the dash, I will check soon and post it, or maybe someone knows by the tag I pictured. YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!

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