Bremen Mini Mark VW Based Kit Car

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Funnybug sez:

that's one ugly orange engine paint job

Ebay Description:

I am selling my Bremen Mini Mark Kit Car. The Mini Mark is a very rare concept fiberglass kit car produced by the same people that made the Maxi-Taxi, Bremen Sport Co. in Bremen, Indiana. The "Mark" part of the name came from the grill housing which is a FoMoCo Part from the Lincoln Mark IV. There were approximately less than 100 ever built and only about 50 still on the road today. This is a factory built car. The mini body is thick and very heavy fiberglass, not like your typical kit car. It is bolted onto a 1976 Volkswagen Beetle pan. The engine is a stock VW dual port 1600 that ran good when parked. Car needs new pans which I have. It has no top. Delivery available for $1 a mile.


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