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Funnybug sez:
It kills me when I see people looking for a lot of money but they have the lousiest pictures..not to mention a LOT of bad information in the description.

Ebay Description:

This is a 1979 Bremen Mini Mark, a very rare concept car from the folks at Bremen Sports Co. and Volkswagon. The Bremen Mini was built at thier factory in Bremen Indiana. There were approxitmitly less then 100 ever built and 50 on the road today ~*

This is a Factory Built Car not a kit !

The Mini Body is a thick and very heavy fiberglass composit and not like a typical " kit type car" .... you can tell the difference , once driven.

Rare and nice to add to any collection!

All Original ... or Darn near....!
with a few upgrades.......
Decent Red Shiny Paint with a few minor swrils and nips .. but nothing major at all! .. Never been hit , no dings or body work cover ups! ...all original!



Incredible under carriage...

yes this car is a vert too! ...

Bimi / and hard topw/ orig. luggae rack ... mint conditon

Empi 8 Spokes Rims under wire covers

New 1600 VW Rebuild with new parts thru-out .. including a mild cam ...new carb...ect.... twin " true" header exhaust .. sounds great! New Brakes ...Tires...

All Original gages ... Temp, oil , gas , ect..DOme light all work ... All Elec .. Works! ..

All original interior,,, see pics .

New SONY EXPLODE CD w/ 4 Speaker sound !


Rego AS A 1968 VW Salvaged title due to ease of Rego

ALL Current Tags till 2010


Original Color Broacher From the Dealer w/ Price and Parts lists as well as color photos.

This Car gets Tons of attention everytime Driven ... you wont find another one of these!

Perfect for Fair events ... Parades ,, Promos,,,, advertisment, Car Shows ... Vw History ... and blast from the past concept cars.....

Sold As IS .......

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