1973 ralley Mini Camaro

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Funnybug sez:

send in the clowns...

Ebay Description:

Here is a barn find that I thought I wanted to get into but have changed my mind, Here is what I have found out about the car, It is a RARE body of only 5 ever made. The body is in good shape except the front of the car has been damage somewhere along it's life, looks like it was damaged when taking it off a trailer. the motor fired on gas down the carb but this thing has been sitting for a very long time and the hoses are dry rioted.

There are no seats with the car and there is NO TITLE, sold as is. The brakes will need to be gone thru too. the electric works, I hooked a battery to it and the motor will turn over and the lights come on. It was painted red sometime ago and is flaking up in spots, the original color was a gold metal flake, I ran a buffer over the car to clean it up and it doesn't look to bad for a 30+ year old car.

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