1970 1953 MGTD Kit Car

Winning bid: US $610.00

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Ended: Nov 14, 2014
Item location: Sunnyvale, California

I started this project a few years ago, but never got around to finishing it. The car sits on a 1970 VW Bug, that had a the stock 1500 motor in it. The guy i bought the bug from said the motor was rebuilt and he had started a restoration of the vehicle, but never finished. It looks like it is in good shape. The fiberglass is solid and I have almost everything you need to complete the car. Besides what you see in the pictures here is what I have.
The door, dashboard with gauges, bottom half of seats, wiring harness, head lights, and a green fiber glass top that I was going to modify to fit on it.
To complete the car you would need the back engine cover, a windshield and frame, which are made for dune buges and can be picked up pretty cheap on line. You would also need a carb and some other parts to complete the engine. It will need a paint job.

I had the title for the chassy, but when I went to transfer it into my name at DMV it was out of the system. Once you complete it you will need to have someone verify that you own the title you are requesting matches up to the car. I have all the paper work ready to go.

This is a fun little car and would be a great simple, cheap project to complete and drive around.

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