VW Based MG Kit Car Needs to be Finished

Winning bid: US $1,775

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Funnybug sez:

* some assembly required

Ebay Description:

MG Kit Car **Needs Finishing**


I bought this from a friend's Mom whos husband passed away without finishing the car. Its a Fiber Fab MG kit. On A 73 IRS Chasis. The pan and pedals have all been moved to the proper locations,steering column is installed. All body panels are installed with a few bolts but are all there and in great shape.Has all lights,body hardware and fixtures.All glass and frames. Brand new top and boot. Radio and speakers. Tires still have stickers on them,wheels restored. Chasis is complete with all steering,brakes,shocks,suspension all appear to be redone. Complete wood dash with Brand new Vintage VDO Gauges all wires installed.There is no motor, seats or carpet. This is an excellent kit project. Parts and Chasis worth the money. It can be towed without any problem. Can deliver for $$$

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