1953 MG TD Kit Car Convertible

Winning bid: US $4,150

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Funnybug sez:

another "professionally built" (so he says)

Ebay Description:

This vehicle was professionally built and was used as a show vehicle until I bought it. It was built on a 1973 VW frame and engine. The engine was modified to have two carburetors and an electronic ignition instead of points. The car has an AM/FM radio. Includes tonto cover, full top with side curtains, all in very good condition. The vehicle has 5,600 miles on a 1973 chassis. New battery. Tires in very good condition. Car is ready to drive, not a fixer-upper. In the photos you will see the left front bumper has a slight bend; chrome is not damaged. Has running lights, luggage rack, wind deflector both sides, wooden dash with full set of gauges. Tow bar included; this makes it very easy to pull with any vehicle

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