1953 MG TD Kit Retro Car

Winning bid: US $3,101

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tow bar included

Ebay Description:

1953 MG TD Kit Car on a 1981 VW chassis. Runs good, looks good, drives good, shifts sloppy. Needs a new shifter bushing. New paint, good tires, battery, etc. Turn signals and brake lights don't show when head lights are on. Possibly a bad ground. Everything worked fine last 10/10. Tow bar & tow lights. Black removable top, no side windows. Spend a day on the fixes and you are good to go. Car is in Rockport, Texas (near Corpus Christi). High bidder to provide $250 deposit within 24 hours of auction close.

I drove the car yesterday and only found 2nd & 4th gears once. 1st, 3rd and reverse okay but a little hard to find. I've learned the slop in the shifter might be at the transaxle, but the bushing still could be the cause. We also tested the lights and they worked okay then. Humm?

There have been many concerns on the shifting and I concur. I purchased the car a year ago and all was fine until a friend took it out and couldn't find reverse. I believe he whacked the shifter left and right, looking for reverse, thus finishing off a worn bushing. All was fine until then. I installed a new shifter and that helped a bit, but not like before. I didn't know there was a bushing at that time. All the gears are there but the slop makes them hard to find. If I thought this were a major repair I would say so. I no longer crawl under cars and I don't have a lift. I'm into the car more than I like to be and would rather take the loss than hire a mechanic.


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