1952 MG Replica on VW chassis

Winning bid: US $4,500

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Funnybug sez:
gee... wonder what the engine looks like...


Ebay Description:

You are bidding on an MG replica that was built and titled im 1981.The car is on a 1971 Volkswagen chassis and the body is an Empress 1 by American Custom Cars of Houstan Texas. The car has been driven 15,948 miles since it was built. This car is in superb condition. The carpet, upholstery, ans convertible top are like new. The chrome sparkles. Steering is tight. The car goes down the road straight and true. The previous owner spent over $6,000 refurbishing this car just before he sold it to me 3 years ago. New top, upholstery, carpet. New stereo and speakers. New chrome. Valve job. New shocks and brakes. New exhaust.

The suicide doors make getting in and out very easy and there is lots of leg room. The side curtains go on and off easily and do a good job of keeping out the weather during cool spring and fall days and keep you dry if you happen to get caught in a sudden rain shower.

The stereo is a 3 year old JVC KDS5900 with 180 watts and CD,AM, and FM functions. There are 2 speakers in the front kick panels and 2 more speakers in the rear luggage area. This sound system makes beautiful music.

The top takes only a minute for one person to put up or down and is very nice. The windows in the top and side curtains are clear with absolutely no yellowing.

The front luggage compartment has the same plush carpet that is in the passenger compartment.

There are several small flaws in the car. There is a small stone chip near the bottom of the windshield on the passenger side that has been there since I bought the car 3 years ago. The passenger grab handle on the dash has some pitting. There is some crazing of the paint on the top of the right front fender.

This car is an absolute blast to drive. The exhaust has a throaty rumble.The cars small size and short turning radius allow you to get in and out of the tightest spaces.

I have owned many cars including Corvettes, Firebirds, and a 1938 Buick but this MG is more popular than all off the others. Everyone from the smallest kids to the oldest adults will beg to go for a ride.

The car was designed so that any trim parts from a real MG will fit so you are able to get replacements from anyone who sells MG reproductions.

You will not be disappointed by this car. The title is clear and ready to be transferred to the winning bidder. I took the car in to the local imported auto repair center to make sure everything was fine before I sold the car. They gave the car a clean bill of health and said this is one of the nicest, well built kits they have ever seen.

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