1942 MG Replica

Sold For: US $3,800

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Funnybug sez:
1942.. asshole dont deserve to even claim to have owned it.

Ebay Description:

Up for auction, 1942 MG replica on a 1969 VW chassis. Fun car to drive, lots of looks. Engine runs good, tire's are in good shape, clutch works good, shift's good, brake's will need some work. They work now but not much pedal, need to pump pedal once. I put in new brake pads, new wheel cylinders, new master cylinder, and rear brake lines. Don"t know if adjusted right. Has a paint chip on the hood, paint is not perfect, but looks very good. The bumpers were once chrome but were painted gray, done by previous owner. There's a tear in the top, seen in picture. I have it taped up with some clear tape, and the rear window has a tear in it, also taped. I've always driven with top down. Also has the side windows. All of the light's, directional, horn, wipers, brake light's, radio, work as they should. The air horns on the car no longer work, they did when I got it. Don't know why they don't now? I bought this car in 2006 from Florida. I've had a lot of fun driving this car, but must let her go, no time, too many toy's. All in all it is very good looking and fun to drive car, just need's a little TLC.

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