1952 Replica/Kit Makes

Price: US $3,800.00

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ok... maybe they're not all hicks and rednecks...

Ebay Description:

THIS ROADSTER IS BUILT ON A DEPENDABLE VW BEETLE CHASSIS “PARTS ARE EASY TO FIND”. IT RUNS, DRIVES AND STOPS GREAT! This is a nice driver for a low price, it is mechanically very good and looks good for the price.

ENGINE: Dual port head engine that runs strong.

TRANS=AXLE: Shifts good with no whines or growls.

PAINT: Driver quality paint, looks good at 10 feet, but when you get up close it has lots of touched up chips. It is plenty good to drive but defiantly not show quality.

CHROME: Just OK, the front bumper has a dent and there are some dull places.


LIGHTS: Head lights work, tail lights work, turn signals work, brake lights work.

GAUGES: The speedometer works, tachometer works, wipers works, amp gauges works, gas gauge works, it has a oil temp gauge that does not work. The gauges are very good quality and made by VDO.

TIRES AND WHEELS: Tires with good tread and wire wheel covers

INTERIOR: Wood dash is good, seat covers OK.

TOP AND SIDE CURTAINS: None come with the car, they can be bought at the suppler below

PARTS AND ACCESSORIES: Most anything you want or need is available for this car. Mechanical parts can be bought at most any parts store. Body parts and accessories can be bought from Fiberfab and Classic Motor Carriages out of Hollywood, Florida, their number is 954-680-2010

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