1952 MG TD VW kitcar

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Ebay Description:

Up for bid is my 1952 MG TD kit car, this may be one of the best looking and most original looking TDs out there. using many of the original 1952 parts.The wind shield is a 1952 fold down and the glass is new with a light tint, the wipers are mounted as original , tail lights are 1952 and the banjo wheel is a 1952 knock off. The top is new and made with Haartz fabric ($80.00 Yard) just as the original and the folding top frame is from a 1952 TD. The power is a 1968 VW that starts and runs very well, and does not smoke or leak oil,this is a every day driver and I use it to commute to work every day that does not rain because of the millage it gets. It has a special designed exhaust and does not sound like a VW. I have added to the motor a new coil,distributor, carburetor,and special jetting to make it run well. The engine has a new oil cooling system and a large standard remote filter.As you can see from the photos the rubber is like new,you can drive this one home.There are no side curtains as I drive on nice days but they are easy to make.If you look close you will not see any boat hinges or latches on the hood as in most other kits, there is a remote latch under the dash, also removed the towel bar that is across the front. The fuel cap area is as on the original 1952, hood vents are tinted to look open. When putting the top up there are no snaps to mess with and it locks as the original TD. It was my intent to make this kit look as close to the original car as I could and now it would fool all but the best.The millage may change as I still drive it now and then.

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