MGTD 1952 Fiberfab Replica

Sold with a Best Offer of US $2,000

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sometimes ... it just doesn't fit...

Ebay Description:

I found this little gem sitting behind my auto mechanics shop. It had been there for a couple of years. I bought it, took it home, cleaned it up, did an engine service and she started right up. Since then except for an occasional run, it has just been sitting in my garage for the past 2 years. It's a lonely place for an old girl and she now needs to go to a good home that will either restore her, or just tidy her up a bit and drive her as is. Starts and runs great.

This is a 1979 Fiberfab MiGi II fiberglass body kit on a 1968 VW chassis and running gear. The engine was rebuilt before I purchased and starts every time. That's a VW for you! This old girl is missing a few bits and pieces but overall is fairly complete. Tires are in very good condition. Comes with the frame for the convertible top but no top. Includes a full car cover. The pictures were taken today. She's a bit dusty and faded but she has heart and is ready to go!

This car is a hoot to drive. Turns heads everywhere. I travel for work and just have not had the time to enjoy. She needs to go to a good home that will either give her a face lift or clean her up, spend some TLC time and then drive her as is. I know there is an MGTD kit car person out there just looking for one like this. These cars restored bring big $$. I have decided to use the Buy It Now/Best Offer format to make it easier for someone looking for one of these. I paid $2,600 for her and have set a very fair Buy It Now price. But if you want... you can make me a reasonable offer

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