1971 Meyers Manx SR2

Current bid:GBP 4,001.00
Approximately US $6,015.90

Last Update: Sunday, September 13, 2015 11:26 AM

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EBAY Description:

Ended: May 16, 2014
Item location: Diksmuide, Belgium

This is the car that Bruce Meyers designed after he had enough of building beach buggies that got copied… he wanted to design a VW based street buggy, so enlisted the help of a young Californian designer and created this, the Meyers Manx SR (Street Roadster).
This one is actually an SR2, which has a number of design improvements over the original SR, built after he sold the moulds to Karma Coachworks.

The car is located in Belgium : Diksmuide 8600

For more info please call Bart 0032475418874 or email info@anglocars.be

Is it rare?

Yes… I know of only one other in Europe. In USA my informed guess is there are probably less than 100 left. In terms of totals back in the day, Meyers made about 250, Karma less than 100, then there were a couple of weird versions with square headlights.

What work has been done?

Over 1000 hours have been spent, probably nearer 1500…
- over 300 holes filled in the bodywork (some over a foot long)
- fully painted in Audi ibis white and stonechip with satin black mechanicals and floor
- new floorpan halves, smoothed and seam welded properly with box section between the new seat runners and in the outer rails - no joins visible and zero flex!
- fully mechanically overhauled,
- IRS gearbox with high ratio cruises at 70mph 2500rpm
- full service on the 1776 which runs sweet, really torquey and smooth
- new twin weber 34ict carbs, electronic ignition etc
- lowered with 4 " narrowed beam, new shocks etc
- one off custom exhaust
- NOS formuling france steering wheel & hurst indy shifter
- restored original seats, gauges, wheels & tyres, hinges, bodywork, blaupunkt radio and everything else…

To give you an idea of the work involved in restoring this little beast, take a look at the photo of it dissassembled below and consider that just getting the gullwing doors to work properly took a whole week of solid work. With the 1776 it is well fast – just watch out for potholes!


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