1970 Meyers Manx SR - last of the originals!

Winning bid: US $5,310.25

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Funnybug sez:
sheez. it kills me seeing all these SR2's .. I really should find one for myself...

Ebay Description:

Ready to go anywhere! All it needs is a driver! This is the real deal - a 1970 Meyers Manx SR recently restored. This is car # 1057, one of the last cars made by BF Meyers before they closed their doors in '71. Power is supplied by a Berg 1835 with straight cut gears. Motor was bought used with very low miles. It has twin Weber 40 DCNF's, remote oil filter and a custom exhaust designed just for this buggy. Transaxle is a new CB Performance standard IRS. Chassis was sandblasted clean, primered, painted, then bedlinered for good measure. The pans were dropped 2" full length, and a flat 1/4" aluminum plate was bolted to the dropped steel. The full perimeter frame is also cross-braced with both flat iron and channel to the chassis for extra rigidity. Chassis has new brakes, lines and M/C as well as all new cabling for the throttle, clutch and E-brake. Brake lines and fuel line (also new) are run in external channels tucked in between the dropped pan sections for easy access and maintenance. The gauge package is from Classic Instruments, and all work perfectly (well, ok, the gas gauge is inaccurate at full tank, and I never hooked the clock up...). Interior is sparse but clean - generic highback seats with three point harnesses (anchor points backed with 1/4" aluminum plate) fully adjustable. No rugs, though, jsut a couple of mats to catch foot debris. Doors are electric linear actuator operated via external switches and dash switches. Wouldn't be hard to put a remote kit on, but I didn't feel the need. Side mirrors are OE Talbot green-dots, straight from overseas. Headlights are three-chambered - main beam, driving light and running light. All marker lights are OEM MG or Sprite and are very clean. Wheels are the hugely rare Cosmic 4-bolts for Volkswagen, polished and painted. Tires, like everything else, are new, with the mileage shown in the ad as true to the overall mileage. This was a clean, zero-mile rebuild except for the engine.

Accessories - in the photos you'll see the hard side windows, the hard targa in place, the canvas top, side windows with Isenglas and the support beam, and the ultra-rare, never seen chin spoiler. The side windows....will fit, with reservations. The mounts need to be adjusted to fit the doors just right, which means re-drilling the fiberglass and moving them downwards. I do like to keep the targa on though, it greatly reduces the buffeting at speed and keeps the sun out of my eyes! The canvas top and windows are OEM to the car - never mounted, but were stored sans box long before I bought the car. Therefore, they have shrunk a bit and are dry-rotted in places, so they should be considered patterns rather than pressed into service. The chin spoiler....I can't even remember where I found that, but it was in a discussion of who had the rarest parts for these cars, and a guy had one that he wasn't going to use. Made by Karma Coachworks, this was never a Meyers item. You'll also see my show sign leaning on the rear wheel. The photo on it is, of course, Bruce Meyers signing the car at this past years' Carlisle Kit show. We sat and talked for quite a while about the car and it's history, and even Winnie mentioned that it was probably one of the nicest SR's they had seen.

Car is tagged, licensed and inspected through next year here in PA. A couple of cars have sold recently here for far less than what they are intrinsically worth. This car sports a custom three-color flake and candy paintjob meant to emulate what might have been 'back in the day'. The car's original base color was a simple orange gelcoat...nothing fancy 'bout that! But, unlike the couple other SR's that have sold recently, this car is road-proven and driven to local shows. I have no hesitation driving it just about anywhere - just pay attention to your gas mileage! That Berg engine is a bit thirsty. I've got it tuned slightly rich, as that's the way it seems to like to be, and my mileage reflects that - averaging 18-20 mpg.

Car is sold as-is, where-is, of course. Cash, certified funds only, no PayPal. For the right cash price, I will even deliver it within the PA/South Jersey/DE/northern Maryland area in my enclosed box trailer for the price of gas and tolls. Otherwise, buyer is responsible for shipping. I can assist in loading. I may even be up for something creative...specifically, a clean, running Sterling or Cimbria kit. Considering this is one of less than 200 original SR's, it has to be a good deal!

Questions, please let me know. I've been honest about the car and it's issues, which aren't many. It's a blast to drive, and you'll get tons of thumbs-ups and 'what is it' questions, even while underway. It's got plenty of storage space under the hood and behind the seats too, so it's fun to take on day trips! There's well over $10K invested in the car, so I'm taking a huge bath listing it. I have quite a few of the sales receipts for various items that will go with it as well, so bid often and high!


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