1980 Manx SR

Sold For: US $1,325

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like a plastic model car only without trees

Ebay Description:

This is a super rare Manx SR with Targa Top kit.

This is one of the Heartland Glassworks kits, and even though it is called a Manx SR, it came after the Meyers Manx SR and the Karma Coachworks SR2. These later kits ironed out the problems with the original Manx SR, particularly the lift mechanism for the scissor-style doors, and featured the Targa top that marks the pinnacle of Manx evolution. The main body components of this kit are in two colors, a rootbeer brown for the side pieces and a bright yellow for the front, doors, and trunk.

This kit has a number of extra pieces, including two complete dashboard assemblies and two Targa tops. Included with the Targa tops is the mold that was used to make them. The kit has the underbody, side pieces, air dam, seats, window frames including the windshield, and a whole lot more. It includes the badges and emblems, and the complete original instructions. One of these emblems by itself sold on eBay for $275!

Please see all of the photos for this auction for a complete rundown of all of the parts included. Hardware for the scissor doors is included, as are various wiring assemblies and electrical components.

Best of all, this is one of the rare kits that has square headlights. This completes the sweeping curves of the Manx SR in a way that the round headlight versions never could.

The successful bidder must pick the kit up from Phoenix, Arizona. Happy bidding!

Please note that this kit was manufactured in 1983, not 1980 as stated in the auction. eBay insists that a vehicle from 1983 offered for sale must have a valid VIN. Of course, this kit will inherit the VIN from the chassis you provide to build it on, but eBay doesn't have any way to specify that for an unbuilt kit! Sorry for any confusion.

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