1970 Meyers Manx SR - recent restoration!

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Ebay Description:

Up for immediate consideration is my cherished Manx SR. Originally purchased for my wife, I found she just couldn't handle a stick shift, which I should have known when she tried to drive my truck. Anyhow, this car was a one year, body-off restoration. The chassis was completely gone over and parts replaced where needed. Square tube steel was added to the perimeter frame and then crossed from side to side with more steel to form a very rigid frame. I added a 2" drop pan, full length, to both sides of the frame due to a) owning kit cars in the past, I'm familiar with limited headroom for guys that are 6' and b) I wanted fully adjustable seats. The pans themselves are 1/4" aluminum plate, screwed and rivited to the 90 degree 1/8" steel 2" angle perimeter frame. The entire chassis top and bottom was then coated with a urethane bedliner material for added protection. The engine is a 1835cc Gene Berg build motor, bought secondhand. The owner of the engine claims less than a thousand miles on it, and it seems to be correct. The engine has straight cut cam gears for that cool little whine at idle, twin Weber 40 DCNF's, alternator, added 1.5 qt sump, and probably a number of internal goodies I know nothing about. What I do know is that it screams, and still gets low 20's mpg to boot. The car: The car is serial number 1057, which was one of the very last SR's made after Bruce left the company back in the day. The rear windscreen is smoked lexan, the doors have linear actuators fitted with internal and external switching (and built-in limiters), full dash instrumentation from Classic Instruments, a vintage Hurst shifter (had to have that!), and generic high back bucket seats that recline and slide (and are very comfortable on long rides!). The car also has the ultra-rare hardtop and I do have the X2 rare hard side windows PLUS the jeep-style canvas top and curtains. However....the hard side windows need a lot of work. It's just the frames, but all the mounting hardware is there. The canvas top and curtains were never used, and had been stored folded, so they are dry rotted and cracked - good for patterns at the very least. The canvas curtains do come with the center support beam and side pieces which are really seldom seen. Under the hood, a full wiring harness for everything, aftermarket three chamber headlights (running light, fog light, headlight), classic MG and Sprite marker lights and of course the Volvo P1800 taillights in great shape. The bumperettes are cracking and look a little careworn, but I usually just buff them up with Armor-All before shows. The wheels are classic British Cosmics. Painted matt black on the inside and the edges polished. There's a little pitting, very, very minor, but they do shine up nicely. I do not have the OG centercaps for them, so instead there are aftermarket caps with a custom Meyers logo printed on them. I have to mention the exhaust system. For sharp eyed readers you'll notice there is nothing out the back - I've fabbed a custom sidepipe system that empties in front of the rear tires. The megaphones are old school Harley pipes, and the system consists of custom bent and welded VW bazooka pipes and muffler pipe, with a Shorty Thrush muffler in between. The sound is great. At idle, it's a nice quiet burble. At highway speeds you can just make out the rumble. When you hit the gas...people get out of your way! Oh, I forgot to add earlier, the tranny is a fresh standard geared tranny from CB Performance. I also changed the shift bushing and shifter coupling and tranny mounts during disassembly. The new photos show the chassis shortly after coating with bedliner. The chassis was sandblasted completely first, then coated with an anti-rust paint from Eastwood Co., then sprayed with the bedliner. The coating should outlast the car! The side mirrors are Talbot Green Dots...in great condition. The steering wheel is vintage EMPI in good condition. The rim does have some checking in it, but nothing serious.

As for rarity - search any of the VW website classifieds to see how many come up at any time. The previous eBay listing stated less than 30 original Meyers bodies; I think that may be a stretch, while the actual numbers aren't really known, even to Bruce, my personal opinion is there are less than 150. The later builders (Karma Coachworks, Heartland Glass and Manx Motors) probably produced another 100 or so. Of all those, I've seen a half dozen come up for sale that were running in the last two years. A nice resource for these buggies is here http://www.manxsr.com/everthing_sr.htm and a great forum and bunch of people is here http://www.dunebuggyarchives.com/ which, if you go to the models section under 'SR' is a thread by me with a few more candid shots of the car as it progressed. My screen name there is the same as here for the search function.

I have many of the sales receipts that went into the car, plus a full binder of magazines and clipped articles outlining the SR's development that will go with the car. For those who follow these cars, there was a red SR earlier on eBay that was owned by Malcom Bricklin that did not sell. That was a beautiful car, but it didn't have all the accessories that this one has. The car has a fresh PA inspection, so it's ready to roll. The mileage might vary a little from what's listed, cause, let's face it, it's been in the high 80's here in the northeast, and it's a dunebuggy. It's going for rides on the weekend!

So here's your chance for a very rare collectible car. Any specific photos that aren't shown please ask and I'll get them to you. Please also remember that this is a 40 year old car, and I really didn't "clean" up the interior shell that much, so there are some minor scratches in the fiberglass in the footwells, but the exterior paint is custom flake, sprayed by me, and I can tell you in detail how many coats and how many steps it took to get the look. The car was just shown at the Campbelltown VW show here in PA last week, and it brought a tremendous amount of interest both due to the paint and the rarity.

My reason for selling? Well, twofold: one, even with the seats fully back, my knees are still bent - and it hurts after a long drive (bad knees from long ago...) and two...there's another kit I really want to get! My starting price is way lower than what's been invested. Heck, even the BIN is way lower, but that's the way it is with custom cars!

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