1978 Laser 917

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Funnybug sez:
mtalflaked 917's in the camp ground.. so everyday..

Ebay Description:

bought it in 2006 from a guy in california and had it shipped here.It's a 1978 Laser on a 71 VW chassie with a 1600 duel port engine. I put it in the shop for a tune up, and $500.00 and a rebulit carb later I got it back. A few months later I ordered new side glass,doorglass,headlight covers and a windshield seal. That was just over $700.00. Well the way life is things came up and the Laser was put on a back burner until a few months ago and I got back to it.When I got the Laser it was a yellowish brownish color.They had let sit out in the weather for years. Well about a 100hrs of sanding and buffing later I got it back to almost the original color. The pics don't do it justice. There are green,purple and gold flakes you can't see in the pics.In the sun it will blind you. I,ve added a few little black highlights of my own. I snaded and buffed out the spokes on the wheels(about 3hrs a piece) and painted them. I just put the new headlight covers and the back side glass on about 6 weeks ago.I didn't put the door glass in yet because I could'nt make up my mind if I wanted to install them permenetly or have them open like the ones on now. My windshield got broke so I found another one. It has a spot where it looks like some one shot it with a bb gun. I had some guys come out to fix it but they said it had to be installed before they would do it.They sent me the wrong seal so I could'nt put the windshield in like it should be. Anyway I'm not done with it yet but I have to sell it.There's some property I'm wanting to buy and I need to come up with the down payment so the property takes priority.What it needs is the windshield installed. There's only one strut on the dr. door. The passenger door still has the spring loaded struts.The winshield wipers don't work.Don't know why. Haven't checked them yet.Carb needs a air filter.Oh yeah, the wheels will have to be balanced. They had the weights on the outside of the rims and I took the weights off to do the wheels.It has a new starter,ignition switch(that was fun)door seals and of course the glass.It runs good. The clutch and tranny are good. All lights and gages work.Thats it. I like my car, but I really want that property.Oh well, your gain. Any questions please ask. Good luck bidding

On Jul-04-09 at 19:18:09 PDT, seller added the following information:

'm sorry the auction started when it did. I was very tired and was having trouble getting the pics up.I just wanted to go to bed and I clicked the wrong button. oops. I forgot to some things.There are some stress cracks. Not much but the car is 31yrs old and made of fiberglass. About the title. I have a bill of sale. To make a long story short.Oklahoma will not give you a title on a out of state car unless you have a title. The process is have a lawyer($$$$) write up some kind of paper work and then file with the court (150.00 filing fee)Then it goes before the judge to sign. After that they send you some paper work you can take to the tag office and they will give you a title.Well that went on the back bunner with the car. I don't know why I didn't think of it before but I user this lady(ms Delany) whenI lived in California.If a bill of sale isn't good enough. Whoever wins the auction,give me your info and I will have her register the car in your name. Now I don't know if it can be mailed directly to you or if it I will have to do it.I'll get a hold of her on Monday and find out and then put i9t up here. Also, sorry about the poor quality of the inside pics. I'll try to get better ones.Thanks. Mike


On Jul-04-09 at 19:23:09 PDT, seller added the following information:

P.S. It's registered as a 1971 VW


On Jul-06-09 at 09:25:30 PDT, seller added the following information:

The windshield wipers do work. I don't know why I thought they didn't.


On Jul-09-09 at 06:13:11 PDT, seller added the following information:

One more thing. I'm not selling the car because I want to, but because it's necessary to accomplish what I want.That doesn't mean that I'm going to(what I consider) give the car away. I may lower the reserve some, but that will depend on how well my other items are doing.Like I said I'm working on a down payment and if it doesn't look like I'm going to get it then there is no reason for me to sell my Laser.So if you really want the car then bid like you want it.It is a awesome car.Thanks Mike

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