Laser Replica Porsche 917 Elite Enterprises Body #609

Winning bid: US $6,800

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Funnybug sez:
these are just a little too far out there for me..

Ebay Description:

Up for auction is my Laser replica Porsche 917. Body number # 609 by Elite Enterprises Inc.

The exterior of this car is in very nice condition! No major cracks or spider webbing through out the body. The gel coat is in good condition and shows well. The glass and plexi glass are all in good condition. The rims are alloy and are in good condition. The tires are in like new condition with no major wear or weather checking. All four are BF Goodrich Radial T/As. Fronts are 265/50 15 Rears are 295/50 15. They fit the wheel well nicely. Not like most kit cars that look like they need 6 inch spacers.

The interior is in nice condition. Fitted with the factory seats and typical brown color of that era. No rips or tears. The trim is also brown in color. The dash is in nice condition. The entire guage set is VDO. They work properly. The gas guage bounces around a fair amount. I assume the gas tank is not baffled causing the needle to bounce around. The carpet is ok. There is an older Pioneer Am/Fm Cass deck in it.

Mechanically the car is sound. The Motor fires right up and idles very smoothly. It is an 1800cc with dual carbs. It pushes the car right along with no problem. Has more power than you would think. The clutch was replaced less than 100 miles ago. Not sure if it really needed to be. It felt kinda funny to me so I had it replaced. At the same time the master cylinder was relaced and one wheel cylinder. It has drum brakes all around. Always wanted to change the front brakes over to disc but never did.

The only bad about the car is. We miss placed the title and have applied for a new one. Should have by end of auction.

Please ask all questions prior to bidding. This is not a buy it now ask questions and negotiate later auction. I encourage anyone interested in the car to come out and take a look for themselves. Or if you do not live close to have an independent inspection done! I do not want a call later saying that I miss represented the vehicle in anyway.

Q: im 6 foot 3 inches wondering if im too tall tried to fit into gt40 but too tall cut my head off Apr-30-10
A: I am 5 foot 11 inches. I fit perfect. Much taller and it would be real tight. My legs are rather short. So if you legs are long it's probably a bad fit to be truely HONEST!!!

Q: trade for a restored 74 VW convertable and pioneer radio? Apr-28-10
A: Sorry but I am not interested in trades. Out right sale only.

Q: Subject to the slipping 'cause I'm interested in the car and before you bid I wanted to ask me what is the cost for shipping to Italy and then if I pay it all to you and if you are to busy to send all relevant documents let me know before the end of the listing, in order to make my bid, I put my most sincere thanks to the pearl its availability. 'Denis ITALY Apr-28-10
A: Denis, I do not know how much shipping to Italy would be. Your best bet is to contact a shipping broker here in the USA or in Italy to get a realistic quote. I can supply you with a copy of the title which should be all you need for the broker to give you a quote.

Q: Where in GR are you? I am near 44th and Kzoo and I'd like to take a look at it. Since this is such an"Odd" car, I really have no idea what it's value actually is. What are you figuring it is worth, or what would you sell it outright for if I come look at it? I have a 944 right now that I am selling, would you have any interest in that as a trade plus cash? Apr-26-10
A: EGR. I have no idea what its worth. That is why I am selling it with NO RESERVE. To be honest I have no interest in trades. I am trying to sell off a few cars i have collected along the way.

Q: What is the price for the car that you would take now in cash to end the auction if I came to see it(about 2hrs from you) and did want to purchase? You may email me at to respond if you do not wish to post the answer on here. Thanks. Apr-26-10
A: Or call me

Q: Do you see any reason I couldn't drive this car back to texas? Apr-25-10
A: I do not see why it couldn't be driven back to TX. The tires are in great condition. The clutch is new. The brake master cylinder is new. The car starts right up. However I do not have a crystal ball. Because of the age. I would have it transported. Thats just my own opinion.

Q: if i buy this car is it can be registrate or no and if it registrate what they write in the registration ? Apr-25-10
A: Yes it can be registered. It is registered. It is titled as a Volkswagen.

Q: Can the car be driven long distance??? Do all electrical work as they should?? Does the AC work??? Any mechnical problems??? Does the car overheats or ?? Is it based on Fierro, or VW base?? Thanks Apr-25-10
A: I believe one could drive it a long distance without issue. Car does not have a/c. No mechanical problems that I am aware of. I have taken care of the issues it had. The car does not oveheat. It is VW based.

Q: Hello, I would like to know if you would be interested in trading for a substantial value in collectible sportscards and autographed memorabilia. Thank you. Apr-25-10
A: Sorry but I would prefer to sell out right. Thanks for the offer though.

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