1970 Kelmark GT kit car

price: US $14,800

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Ebay Description:

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: I have for sale a fun little replica car. It’s painted like a Ford GT 40 and is a replica of a Ferrari GT. I love the red color of the GT 40 and the white racing strips look perfect. The problem is they cost a fortune and that puts it out of reach of the average person. This car with a super car look was built by the Kelmark Company. The body is mounted on a 1970 VW chassis, therefore the price is a ton cheaper and the parts and service are no problem. Most everything has been rebuilt or replaced and the car looks magnificent.

PAINT: We just painted this car with a high quality PPG paint. It has no dents, no dings, no scratches, no runs, no dry spots and is as slick as a $50,000 show car. The paint job is high dollar if you had a restoration shop do it, it could cost as much as I will sell the car for. We color sanded and buffed to a very high gloss.

BODY: Thick fiberglass that is not cracked up!

INTERIOR: New carpets, seats are OK, but not new.

GAUGES: Oil pressure and temp lights work.


LIGHTS; Headlights work, tail lights work, turn signal lights work, brake lights work and marker lights work.


BRAKES: Disc on the front and drum on the rear. We put all new shoes, new calipers, new wheel cylinders, new master cylinder and all new brake lines.

STEERING; Drive like a go cart.

WHEELS AND TIRES; Keystone wheels, 10 wide on rear and 7 inch wide on front. The tires are new white lettered radials and are 15 inch.

ENGINE; 1970 VW engine than sound good. It is dual port and has a new exhaust system.

TRANSAXLE: Stock VW that has no whines or growls, if you don’t put the shifter in first gear all the way it will vibrate out of gear. I have no problem with it, but will supply a extra transaxle with the car just in case you should ever need it.

SIDE WINDOWS: The side windows do not roll up, they sit in place with thumb screws.

TITLE: Clear Tennessee title in hand.

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