1978 Kelmark GT kit car

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This is a 1978 Kelmark GT kit car that I bought last year (running) and have since then

begun the rebuild process. The pictures show its current status, all except the last photo which shows how the car looked when I brought it home before disassembly. I have done some bodywork that includes completely repairing the door hinge areas on both doors. They now work perfectly and the hinges are in good condition. Some fiberglass work on the exterior and some minor bodywork as well. Much more to go. Be prepared to refurbish the body and paint. No major damage at all, basically body work and blocking.

It comes with a 1969 IRS pan that has a good title and VIN plates. The pan has had the popular drop done under the seats for additional headroom. The side rails and underbody have been reinforced with .125 wall tubing. The shifter has been dropped in the tunnel for better clearance against the dash and for a more appealing look. The rear brakes have been completely rebuilt with new parts and new drums. New axles shafts as well. I have many parts for the front beam but the beam itself is gone. Read below for parts listing.

I was told the engine was an 1841 but I have not and do not have a way to verify. I did run the numbers and it is a good 1971 dual port engine. I cranked the car and drove it around my subdivision a few times to make sure the transmission shifted well and the engine checked out okay. The brakes were bad and the tires dry rotted so I did not take it out on the highway.

Below is a list of parts new and used that come with the car.

1.All factory Kelmark body braces and mounts.
2.All glass is intact and in good condition except the windshield. It has a very small crack on the bottom corner. It is very useable however.
3.All window mechanisms.
4.Kelmark rollbar.
5.Fiberglass interior parts are still covered and good, some need recovering.
6.(4) Very good condition Weld Wheels. 15x8 and 15x10. Tire need replacing.
7.New Dropped spindle disc brake kit for the front that has already been drilled for the necessary GM bolt pattern.
8.New disc/drum master cylinder.
9.New vents for the rear hood (correct profile and hard to find).
10.New EMPI shifter. Removed from the box for test fitting on the tunnel drop.
11.New tin set for the engine.
12.New ball joints already installed in the front control arms.
13.(2) Dash panels. One factory Kelmark and one I pulled from another car that I thought looked better.
14.New EMPI exhaust with chrome tip.
15.New J tubes.
16.Good steering column and wheel.
17.New ignition switch.
18.New throttle cable.
19.Two sets of pedals.
20.New pedal covers.
21.Good steering box and pitman arm.
22.Bugpack intake and carburetor.
23.New seals for the front beam.
24.New Bosch tune up parts.

Paperwork for most of the items I bought new. Clear title for the body and a clear title for the pan. You will have no issues getting registered or a tag.

I am sure that I’m for getting some small things so if you have questions please email me and we can talk. If you are local to the N. Georgia area you are welcome to view the car before the auction ends.

Trailer shown in pictures does NOT go with the car.

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