Kelmark body on 1971 VW Beetle frame

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Q: Just replying back again. The motor VIN # will be stamped by the factory It is found between the two pullys at the rear of the motor. It should be in simple basic bold standard block letters,( it should be facing you as you look directly at the area between those pullys ( alt and crankshaft pullys ) only two / directly ubove the muffler. This Vin will tell the case # only but can be usefull when re doing the engine and will give the year of the block. It is not going to tell if this engine has been put together from parts but is a good id for internals when re do. Look at GOOGLE to find the #s of VWs, or others. If you find the time that is, I will understand if you don"t. I can do that if you give me the numbers. THANKS JIM K Oct-15-10
A: Looks to be AX228585 for the motor ID #. Does that make sense?
Q: Hello, Is the body now attached? Were can the hood latches be gotten? Is this car towable by dolly given the conditions of the tires? What is the metal tubes in the front? TOW BAR HOOK UP ? When was the motor last run? VIN # of engine? With the bill of sale can the new owner get a title? Is any thing left of the wiring harnace / fuse blocks ect? Transmission 3 or 4 sp? Do you have a reserve price fixed? Is it just the floor pans or does it go out to the outer rocker areas / rusted areas. INTERESTED JIM Oct-14-10
A: Yes, the body is attached w/ approx 2 dozen bolts into the floor pan. There is a bill of materials on the Kelmark Yahoo member site for all the oem car parts that Kelmark used ( ). Go into the files section and look for kgroup1 and files. These are jpeg of the build manual. I put trailer inner tubes on all 4 tires, in order for the tire to hold air so that I can move it around. Do not know how this would be for towing. The u shaped tube that is in the front is "kinda" like a front bumper. It is 3 pcs of rectangular tubeing welded together. It is bolted to the front suspension and comes of very easily (It is held on by two bolts, one of each side). I have no idea when the motor was last run. If you let me know where to look for the motor VIN I can try and find it. You will need to check with your local DMV regarding what is required to register the vehicle (it varies from state to state). I do have the old harness....but it is a real rats nest. It had many splices and was in very poor condition. I do have the switches that came with the car, but do not know whether or not they work. This is a no reserve auction. Most of the outer rockers look good. However, in my opinion, I would replace the complete floor pan (that is, out to the outer rocker).

Up for auction is a Kelmark body on a VW Beetle frame. From deciphering the frame number (1112422893), I believe the frame to be a 1971 VW beetle per

I purchase this as a project car to restore but my priorities have since changed and it is now up for sale. I had POR 15 the gas tank and the headlight hardware and use tank sealer for the inside of the gas tank. I also replaced all the brake cylinders.

The VW floor pan is rusted thru under the seats and both floor pans (driver and passenger) need to be replaced. The rest of the frame only has surface rust and appears in good shape. The fiberglass body had some damage on the front, which I have since repaired. The area of repairs has been primered and sanded. The body will need a little more block sanding to be perfect.

The electrical wiring was a real rats nest and could not be repaired, so I tore it out as I intending to replace it. Headlights and tail lights are all on the car and each have about 1 foot of wire. You will need to make up a new harness for both the lighting system and the engine. The engine does not currently run but turns over by hand. The back two hatches have the latching mechanism on the body but no catches on the upper hatch. Included in the auction is a brand new windshield that needs the window gasket in order to be installed (it uses a pinto windshield and pinto windshield gasket). The car also has the glass for the doors and the rear window. The windows for the door do not roll up or down. They are held in place using some mechanical fasteners so that they can be taken off the car in nice weather. The windshield, door and hatch gaskets need to be replaced. The tires are not useable and will need to be replaced. The wiper motor and the attenna motor both work, as I wired them up to a 12 v supply to confirm. The milage is not known, this is why I put in 99999 miles.

I placed the windshield in the car for these pictures. Since I do not have the windshield gasket, I used a couple of wooden sticks to hold the windshield in place (you can see the two pcs of wood in the pictures). When I took the pictures, the back window was not yet installed and was just present. Since I took the pictues, the back window is now installed.

The brake and accelerator lines all need to be replaced, as they are rusted and/or broken. The seats are fiberglass buckets that need to be recovered, as the vinyl is cracked in several places

There is no registration or tile and the car will be sold with a bill of sale only. Since this is a project car, the car will be sold with no warranty.


On Oct-16-10 at 09:55:54 PDT, seller added the following information:

I looked again and the motor # is AX228585 (not the AK228585 in the previous question)


On Oct-16-10 at 15:37:17 PDT, seller added the following information:

I'll get it right sooner or later. The motor # is AK228585. Sorry for the confusion



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