1979 Replica/Kit Makes Kelmark GT 79 VW beetle

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surprise surprise..

Ebay Description:

This is a beautiful replica of a ferrari dino built on a 79 VW Beetle completely rebuilt chassis. I bought this in 2004 and it has been garaged ever since.Yellow paint is almost show quality with a few small stone chips and a small polishable scratch over left wheel arch. It has a CB Performance high voltage coil and their electronic ignition system (no points) and fires right up with barely a touch of the key. Everything works except fuel gauge (all gauges, lights, flashers, signals, wipers,and horn work perfectly). I have not troubleshot the fuel gauge yet so am unsure of it's problem. This car has headers with straight pipes for that big engine sound. It would be a perfect electric car conversion due to it's light weight and large battery storage area as well as being very aerodynamic. It has no heat nor AC (The VW exhaust heat exchangers were traded for the headers for better engine noises). It has a CD player with radio that has a removeable face plate. Interior could use some sprucing as the vinyl seats are cracked and split and the door panels are not padded. Door locks function however I do not have keys for the doors (just for ignition). The locks are from Ford Pinto. Front blinkers have pitting in the chrome trim (they are from a Corvair). Drivers door could use some realignment and maybe some shaving as it seems to not quite fit right however it opens and closes perfectly fine. It has roll up windows which sometimes come out of the tracks and have to be guided by hand as you roll them up. But once up, they stay up fine. I will try to fix this before end of sale. It could use some new weatherstripping around doors and trunk as these leak under hose pressure and I will also try to replace these before sale end. It passed PA state inspection last time out and then went into storage for a while. There are less than 1000 miles on tires and brakes. I have driven this car for about 3-4 hrs. straight with no problems out to Carlisle and back and through the twisty mountain roads in McClure, PA. It handles like a dream and is a blast to drive. I have had women yell out the window at me at stop lights that "It's the most beatiful car I've ever seen!!" Everyone thinks it's a real Ferrari. I will take better photos and post them on Sunday night. These were taken on this past Monday but it was getting dark out. Car had an oil change and tune up this past week and is a strong runner. Idles nice. Any questions call Frank at 215-946-3029 and leave a message. I will return all calls ASAP. It has a clean PA title which says "Reconstructed" .THERE IS NO RESERVE ON THIS CAR!!

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On May-19-10 at 07:35:43 PDT, seller added the following information:

Surprise! Surprise! The Car still has heat exchangers however the ducting is not yet connected but this is an easy fix (drill 2 -3" holes to interior and install adapter plates with 3" flexible aluminum VW ducting). I am going to try to do this before Friday so that the car has heat. I've never driven this car on a cold day but when a bidder came out to look at the vehicle, we found that it was all there for the heat to work except for the final finishing. Good news! I will soon post pictures of the under carriage showing the beautiful condition of the rebuilt chassis. Everything is new. Shocks, suspension torsion arm rubber , you name it, all redone. I didn't realize that when the header's were installed, he reinstalled the heat exchangers. Bonus for you and me!



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