1968 FIBERFAB KIT CAR JAMAICAN- Lamborghini Miura Replica

Winning bid: US $860

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someone got a killer deal

Ebay Description:

This is a 1968 fiberfab kit car, the Jamaican. It is almost in raw kit form. It was on a 1965 VW chassie but I gave the chassie to a friend,I still have the title. as you can see a few things have been done, the headlights have been installed, the tail lights have been started but there is only one tail light bezel(no lens) I also have a good corvette windsheild. Have a few extra parts,wire harness,wiper motor ass.,speedo, MG shift knob and windshield upper corner moldings. Also included is two original fiberfab print ads and a lamborghini Miura model. I was going to build this kit but I have way too many projects.

Item Location: Lisle, Illinois

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