1937 JAGUAR SS100 / 1978 V.W CHASSIS

Winning bid: US $2,500.

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Funnybug sez:

these really don't do it for me

Ebay Description:

You are looking at a 1937 Jaguar SS100 built in Florida on a 1978 V.W. chassis AGAIN DUE TO A DEAD (OLD) BEAT (SHINER) BIDDER (6). It has the V.W. fuel injected motor which I like better than the 4 cyl. Ford motor as it has more power and less required maintenance. The mechanics of the car are in good shape other than when I pulled it from storage I noticed the brakes faded once. The fluid is full so I would have to believe a master cylinder rebuild is necessary.

I have not driven the car in 2 years (gas was treated) as I have been sick which is the only reason I am selling the car. This car runs and drives down the road nicely with the exception of the above mentioned required repair.

I know it’s nice to buy a car finished but then it is someone else’s dream. The car is nice the way it is but being that winter is approaching I would install newer or updated seats and new carpeting. The convertible top is in good shape as well as the side curtains. The parade boot has a tear in it but is easily repairable.

This car gets tons of looks going down the road and also fun to drive, yet it is not going to break the bank to purchase or maintain.

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