1975 Kit Car

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Funnybug sez:

stock rear Beetle fenders

Ebay Description:

I am selling a home made car similar to a Kit Car. This car has a Corvair chasis with an A-Frame front suspension and is Corvair powered. It is listed as a 1975 on the title and says "reconstructed". I am selling it with a Bill Of Sale + Title because the Title was not notarized when it was signed in 1978. As you can see it has VW rear fenders and a VW gas tank in front under the hood. It needs work and has been in storage for many years. It was purchased from a Storage Unit. It has a Corvair Dash and Corvair transmission. It steers and rolls easily and appears to be very complete. I haven't started it but it turns and the oil looks good. Would make an unusual toy.

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