Fiberfab Valkyrie body

Winning bid: US $499.00

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Funnybug sez:

good deal

Ebay Description:

Real FiberFab Valkyrie body for sale, rough shape, was a running car until previous owner took it apart to redo it. The pictures of the body sitting on the ground are from the Ebay ad when I bought it. All I have is what you see.

I bought this on Ebay and had it shipped from Florida. I planned on a custom chassis but changed my mind and bought a Kelmark project with an Olds Tornado drive-train instead.

My loss, your gain. This is NOT for the faint of heart. Includes the windshield and is mounted on a trailer w/ new tires to take it home.

The project is located in Aurora,IL. 60505. I paid to have it shipped FROM Florida. The reserve is less than 1/5 of what has been invested. The mold for the hood opening in secured to the rear glass area and there is a spare for trailer (1 7/8). Thanks for considering our auction and I am sorry for any confusion in the listing, Jay.

Ended: Dec 09, 2014

Item location: Aurora, Illinois

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