1959 Fiberfab Avenger Avenger GT-40

Sold For: US $4,500.00

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Funnybug sez:

very very cool!

Ebay Description:

Fiberfab Avenger GT-40 style kit car built onto a VW modified Beetle pan. I have a clear title in my name. This car is in driving condition. If you're looking for a car that can be driven while improving, then this is the kit for you. I purchased this kit a few months ago and with my increasing work load and not having a garage without renting one, I must sale it. For the little time I've owned it, it's been fun to drive. Everywhere I go it draws attention. People take pictures and even stop by my house just to get a better look at it. What makes this kit different from the Lambos and Ferrari kits is that it has its own look, not a exact copy, fiberfab changed the body from the GT-40 enough to give it its own identity. This car only weighs around 1,400 lbs so it will scoot with minimal power.

This car can be driven but needs work to finish like most kits. It needs the interior finished, about half finished. The tail lights and head lights need service, easy to do if you have the time, the wires are all there. It will need painted, whoever painted it didn't prep the surface correctly and the paint has bubbled in some places. The car glass is all real glass not plexy, but the side windows need adjusted, but do crank up and down. Door sag also needs adjusted.

On a good note, the engine has been tuned up with plugs, wires, coil, and new carb. The brake lines and brakes all have been changed and work well. The transmission works great with no issues or slippage. The tires have lots of life almost look new. If you have the time and know how, this car could be awesome. Message me with any questions. I also have new headlight covers coming.

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