Fiberfab Avenger GT12 for VW - Complete Body and Dash

Winning bid: US $586.21

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Funnybug sez:

I can't believe how many of these go so cheaply

Ebay Description:

Up for auction is what I believe to be a Fiberfab Avenger GT12 - 3 piece body kit only. I listed this as a 1974, but I'm unsure if that is correct. It appears this body was designed to fit the VW beetle pan. The doors are included with hinges. The rear glass is included, but is quite dirty and will need polishing. The one piece dash and console is included. I do not have a title for this as you would use the title or registration from the donor VW beetle. However, there is a Vehicle ID # H7437VA on the firewall. I have the build instructions that will go with the body kit. I am pretty sure that this is a Fiberfab Avenger GT12, it could be something else like an Aztec, but I don't think it's a Valkyrie as they had V8's, I think. There is no interior other than the one piece dash and console, but there are inner fenders and inner supports for mounting the interior. The doors are not attached, but are inluded. This uses the 1965 Corvair windshield and trim. I intend to see this auction through to end, there is no buy it now or early ending, high bidder will own this body kit. There are no shipping options with this sale, the body kit must be picked up.

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