Kellison GT40 replica body, Ford GT GT-40K kit

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Ebay Description:

Up for auction is a Kellison Cars GT-40K body. The GT-40K was built and sold in the mid-60s and is a replica of the famous Ford GT40 race car! The GT-40K was initially made to fit the VW chassis, but Kellison eventually offered a box tube style frame that could accommodate mid-engine Chevy or Ford V8s.

The well-known GT-40K kit was very well received by the public, so you’ll see these pop up from time to time on eBay. The kit up for auction here is special, though, in that it is a nearly MINT body that has NEVER been built. That’s right, virgin fiberglass in GREAT condition just waiting for your GT40 replica project!

I bought this body to make a GT40 replica on the cheap, as compared with other replicas that cost upwards of $50,000-$100,000!! Unfortunately, unexpected financial difficulties have forced me to part with this little gem for the cash :( As they say, my loss is your gain!

Note #1: Everything that is included in the auction is shown in the pictures, with the exception of inner fender liners. That is, the fender liners ARE included, but they’re not pictured.

Note #2: The body is currently located in Lancaster, CA 93536, at the business of the eBay seller who sold it to me. I did not have the opportunity to have it shipped to my location in Pennsylvania before I needed to sell it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU BE LOCAL TO CALIFORNIA, SO YOU CAN PICK IT UP YOURSELF. If you intend to have it shipped, I CANNOT HELP YOU ARRANGE SHIPPING. I will give you the contact information of the previous seller, who still has the body. If you have experience shipping these sorts of things, and intend to have it shipped, the previous owner (a very nice guy who has already had this sitting on his property for WAY too long) has requested that the body is picked up or shipping is arranged within 2 weeks of auction end.

Note #3: I PREFER payment by PayPal, but will also accept postal money orders, certified bank checks or personal checks if ABSOLUTELY necessary. NO WIRE TRANSERS, SCAMS OR FUNNY MONEY!! If paying by ANY other method than PayPal, the payment must CLEAR my bank before the kit can be picked up or shipped. PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN 72 HOURS (3 DAYS) OF AUCTION CLOSE.

Feel free to ask any and all questions about this kit and I will answer them to the best of my ability. Below is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), so check that out, as your question might already be answered there.

I think that’s everything. Good luck! Happy bidding! Bid high and often! Wait until the end to try to “snipe” and you just might lose out!


Question) What’s the reserve price?

Answer) Cheap, cheap, cheap, considering what this is!

Question) Do you accept trades?

Answer) Thanks, but no thanks. Obviously, I need the cash.

Question) Do you accept wire transfers from Zimbabwe or will I otherwise be able to scam you out of your kit?

Answer) Umm … no. And please don’t waste your time or mine trying to scam me … I appreciate it.

Question) Is there any glass or any mechanicals? What’s included?

Answer) No glass or mechanicals. Just the fiberglass pictured. The front clip, rear clip, middle cockpit section (including molded dash), doors and inner fender liners.

Question) Where is the kit located?

Answer) Lancaster, CA, 93536. See Note #2 above, for more info.

Question) Can I pick this up in person?

Answer) Yes! Please do!

Question) Can you help with shipping?

Answer) No, sorry. I have NO experience shipping these sorts of things. See Note #2 above, for more info.

Question) How can I pay for this?

Answer) See Note #3, above. Briefly, I accept PayPal (preferred), postal money orders, certified bank checks and personal checks.

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