VW Bug Based Fiberfab Avenger GT Kit Car 1960's era

Winning bid: US $600

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Funnybug sez:

somebody got a GREAT deal......

Ebay Description:

This is a Fiberfab Avenger based Kit car with a VW bug floorpan and transaxle. (No Engine)

You will need to install a VW or other type engine and finish the car to make it roadworthy.

There is a lot of work to be done still, but it's not as bad as starting from scratch.

Included are a good front late model corvair windshield, and a good rear 1967-68 Mustang

fastback rear windshield. (Both installed on the car.)

You need a Steering wheel, dash assembly, fuel tank, engine, seats and to install good window regulators.

This is a kit car for a builder who wants a FORD GT type kit car for cheap, not $150,000 like the real one!

Save all that money you would spend on the real GT and buy a house! These cars look very cool when you are done

with them.... if you want to see finished models check out these websites:

Avenger-Valkyrie.org and look at the gallery

Fiberfab.us ......... made the body in the 1960's and is still around.

The car has plates on it that are very rusty. I have no title. You will have to get all that.

It will help if you are knowlegable about VW based cars. Or you can put a V-8 in it, all of that

is up to you. Check out the website and see what others have done.

VW Bug Based Fiberfab Avenger GT Kit Car 1960's era

I can trailer the car to winning bidder within a few hundred miles if you pay for gas. You can buy the trailer too

if you want it, we can discuss price of trailer afterwards. Local pickup or I can deliver. No shipping unless you

pay for shipping after paying me winning bid.

I don't know the precise milleage or year of manufacture, it's a VW bug floorpan. I assume the fiberglass

body is from around 1968. Car is a on a rolling chassis.

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