GT 40 Avenger kit on VW Frame

Winning bid: US $1,155

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Funnybug sez:

it's not as bad as it looks

Ebay Description:

GT 40 Avenger kit on a VW Frame, comes with seat pans, windshield and rear window glass and chrome trim for both. The kit is bolted to a VW Frame and comes with a VW engine (engine is in poor condition.) and VW Transmission (4 speed - trans is in good condition) The car is on a rolling chassis, the steering wheel is temporarily connected and operating. The body is in good shape, there are some small nicks and some spider webbing in the fiberglass. This kit is for someone who wants to build a kit from the ground up. The frame is ok. The floor pans on the frame are rusted out. The glass is in good shape, the windshield has chips in the lower left corner and upper right corner and the rear window has a chip in the upper right side. All chips are along the edge of the glass, where they will be covered by the chrome. The chrome is not attached. The chrome was just set up and laying on top of the glass to take pictures.

This car could be towed with a tow dolly but I can't guarantee it will make it to your destination. You would be towing at your own risk. I towed it about 70 miles a few months ago with a tow dolly without incident.

The seat pans are not attached to the car, because the floor pans are rusted out. The headlights that come with the car are from a Corvair. The housings on the lights are rusted and two of the lens are cracked. The door handles and latches work.

I do not have a title for the car. I will give the winning bidder a bill of sale for this kit. I do believe this kit was manufactured in the 70's and might be a fiberfab kit. The car is being sold as is, no warranties, bidders can contact me if you would like to see the kit before bidding.

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