1929 Mercedes Benz Kit car/Replica

Winning bid: US $3,650

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Funnybug sez:
the wide whites work well on this.. not sure what that 'vintage' thing is doing...

Ebay Description:

*************Up for Sale is a 1929 Mercedes Benz Kit car/Replica car***********
A $500 dollar Deposit is due via paypal upon successful wining bid. The remaining balance would be due 7 days after the auction is over via
bank deposit or cash in Person

Turns heads everywhere you ago for this a one of kind opportunity to get your self a rare replica kit car. The car is is in working condition. There is only a slight pull to the right once
the breaks are applied but you can easily compensate as you drive. I have driven it many times around the city. I am selling cause I need to pay some taxes and can afford to invest
money nor time on the vehicle. This car easily sells of 10-13 thousand dollars so you are getting a good deal here.

The Engine is in the rear is that of a 1972 Volkswagen 1.6L Gasoline Engine

The registration is under my name (the car is currently listed as SPCNS 2008 (meaning special made-constructed)
but theTtitle is still work in progress from the DMV. If you live in California, then I have attained a NO SMOG Exemption certificate..
all it needs to to complete the process is a
1. brake and light inspection
2. then an inspection by the CHP

The car would be sold as using a Bill of sale form from the DMV

Regarding the Title and Registration
The registration is under my name AND I DO HAVE the Title certificate of the vehicle ....its just not under my name but it has been signed off (release of ownership)

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