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interesting... not my thing.. but interesting.

Ebay Description:

THIS IS AN ESTATE SALE AND NOT MY PERSONAL CAR. I AM REPRESENTING IT FOR OUR CLIENTS AND HAVE ONLY LIMITED KNOWLEDGE OF IT. This is a very unusual kit car fashioned after I believe a 1927 Nash. It is Volkswagen powered with a brand new rebuilt motor. I do not know the c.c.’s. It has been sitting for a period of time, I think the best part of a year and a half. This kit is mounted on an extended 1974 VW pan. It is a complete car with working headlights and taillights; I don’t believe the directionals are hooked up yet. It has 4 brand new tires, 4 speed transmission, seems to be a good clutch, and I only drove this, due to the rainy conditions, about a half a mile. Interior is all there, carpets could stand to be changed. Seat is in fine condition without any rips or tears. This car is located in Rochester, NY. This is just a great little fun car. I’m sorry but I just don’t know the long range driving capabilities, being an open car, I couldn’t drive it very far at the time. As you can see from the pictures it is a nice looking replica. The wiring, the motor, the battery all look to be brand new. I did notice an oil leak but I can’t tell if its from the valve cover gasket or the O rings from the lifter tubes. I would suggest having it shipped on a car carrier or come pick it up on a car trailer. In my opinion, this is a 98% finished project. It would still take a few hours to complete. I would consider this car an above average kit car.

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