1974 Replica/Kit Makes
Manta Montage Coyote X from Hardcastle McCormick 300HP VW Turbo TURNKEY / VIDEO

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cool video below

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Own a really unique car! Real head turner! Watch the Video

This is my 1974 manta montage kit car replicated to look like the "Coyote X" from the 80's TV show "Hardcastle & McCormick".This was my dream car as a kid, and I was finally able to build it, but now must move on to other things. This car is a blast to drive. Car is VW based and titled as a SPCN with California DMV plate in the door. It is currently licensed and inspected here in Texas and Title is clear and in my name. Body is nice and doesnt have any cracks. paint was done in my garage so its not perfect, but looks great 2 feet away. Clearcoat needs a good buffing and maybe some wet sanding in a few spots. I never did it after we painted it. " Coyote" is a sticker on the side. Door tops were cut off to look like the TV show car, so you cant drive it in the rain. There is only one hinge on the doors, so they cant be opened, I keep them locked shut, and get in and out through the top(much easier)

.ENGINE : Car Craft VW Turbo engine built by Strictly Foreign that cost almost $10,000 to build(have receipt) rated at 210 HP (5 lbs boost) on 93 octane and 300HP on 110 race gas (10 lbs boost). Its currently set up to run the race gas, but I have the blow off valve spring to bring it back down to 5 lbs of boost. Takes about 5 minutes. Car weights about 1400 lbs, so the power to weight ratio is insane! The car really does throw you back in the seat. It doesnt try to spin the tires at all, just goes! Engine has less than 100 miles since it was built. The transmission is a stock VW 4 speed that does NOT pop out of gear in reverse like most ive seen. Kush loc high performance clutch, Axles and boots are in great shape.

WHEELS and tires: Rear wheels are 15x12 Centerline Champ 500 with a 5" BS, and im running 3" wide wheel adapter to make them look right.Tires are new 295/50/15 BFG. Fronts are 15x10 Champ 500's with 5"BS and 5x100 wheel pattern with adapters from Chevy 5 lug to 5x100 and are 1 1/2" thick. Tires are BFG 265/50/15 with great tread and still look new. I found out after i searched and spent a bunch of money on these wheels that Centerline can still make them the way i want them, lol, oh well.

BRAKES: Front disk brakes are like new with 5 lug chevy rotors, rear are vw drum 4 lug.

INTERIOR: Interior was just done by a local shop and looks great, bucket seats are only about 13 inches wide, so if your rearend is bigger than that, you're gonna have so get different seats.

Car has air horn, HID Headlights, all guages work except for the Cyl head temp, but you can buy the sender for $30 and hook it up, all turn signals work, rear reverse lights work, nice painless wiring harness and nice fuse box, the rear hood goes up and down electrically and makes it really easy to do any mechanical work, you can get the motor out in 10 minutes, 11 gallon fuel tank with sender, you have to open the hood to put gas in it, but always draws a crowd at the gas station! Has GM steering column with tilt, there is window wipers but are not hooked up, There is no radio in it, but can easily be installed. Car takes off quick, the transmission will hold up as long as you dont pop the clutch too hard and drag race it, cruising around town is always fun, people always honk, look, and take pictures at every red light.

I have something elde I want to buy, so I dropped the price for quick sale. This an awesome car for the price. If you like to attract attention with your ride, this is the car for you!

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