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Built on a 1968 Volkswagen Chassis 1500 cc motor


Item location: Key West, Florida



1937 BUGATTI T-35










I am even more excited to entertain offers for my very exhilarating 1937 Bugatti T-35 Broadway Roadster replica (sold the first one) currently titled and registered and fully insured (no issues with you DMV here, guaranteed). Firstly, not all Bugatti replicas were created equal and this is the highest build quality and most customized American manufactured Bugatti replica that I have ever seen or owned (with the exception of the Ironsmith manufactured Bugatti). I have seen perhaps a dozen Bugatti replicas in the past year on eBay that make absolutely no attempt to accurately model itself after these iconic and fabulous streamlined racers from the 1930's, and while this fabulously ostentatious Bugatti Broadway Roadster is ABSOLUTELY one-of-a-kind, it looks like no other Bugatti replica that you are ever likely to find.

Let me preface this very enthusiastic eBay car listing by adding here that I am not your average Bugatti T-35 Replica owner/fan. I bought three of these amazing automobiles because they are the most fun and attention getting cars that I have ever owned and I have owned more than 30 Bentleys and Rolls Royces. When I am tooling around the Florida Keys, Las Vegas or Honolulu (that right, I always travel with one of my Bugatti's) in one of my T-35' Bugatti's, I can't count the pictures that are taken of me in a two hour span. When I am riding around by myself, (day or night) cute girls always ask if I can take them for a ride and I NEVER refuse. And at least a dozen times per month, beautiful women just hop right in the empty seat when I am waiting at a stoplight and believe it or not, most of these women are SOBER. I think they feel safe because the car is completely open.

This amazing automobile was aesthetically designed by the now defunct Riverboat Casino in Arizona and once graced the showroom lobby inside their casino (stored indoors for decades). There was obviously a no expense spared effort to construct one of the most visually tantalizing automobiles that their budget could afford. I didn't get the receipts or build sheet for this car but I am informed the construction and cosmetic updates totaled over $30,000. But this car does not just look great, it drives tight like a brand new car (to me) and sounds like a "throaty" Ferrari (I've never heard or driven a Ferrari so you'll have to take my word on this one). The sound is fabulous, growls and rumbles just like it looks. Truly a classic sounding faux prewar Roadster!


I have owned this Monaco inspired pre war Bugatti Roadster replica for about a year and I have become a local ambassador/celebrity tooling around Key West in this car as EVERYBODY knows who I am (and what I drive). You want an image car? You simply will not find more "automotive statement" for the money that I am asking. If you have a need or desire to be noticed when you are driving, this car will saturate you with quality attention and query. When I drive this car, Key West tourists force themselves to recall what movie they saw me in, I always hear couples mumbling under their breath "you recognize this guy right, yeah, but I forget where, I think he's a singer or something". You're not just buying an incredible set of wheels here, throw in a heap of "instant celebrity". Remember, not all people are Bugatti officionados, most admirers actually believe this car is authentic. When I am asked if my car is authentic I crisply respond "Are you kidding"? That backs 'em (doubters) right off.


For all the single guys out there (and swingers) reading this listing, I am happy to add that your "Babe-age" (Cheesecake & Beefcake, all flavors) will increase exponentially. I wish I could describe here all of the wonderful and beautiful people that I have met driving this " automotive showpiece", a fabulous and unique automobile is the ultimate icebreaker, it doesn't have to cost a fortune, you just have have some panache' and know where to look. If you've never owned or driven a unique, sexy vintage automobile then you will be taken aback, trust me, the veneer of your life's gonna change. The past year (I'm a youthful 52) has been the most exhilarating motoring times of my life, I've added to my numismatic hobby a totally new and fulfilling pastime, I am now a collector of interesting people (and whoa, have I got a portfolio). You won't have to go looking for them, they will be waiting at the car with camera in hand to enthusiastically make your acquaintance when you exit the post office or grocery store (everytime). If you are married with an insecure mate, I must strongly caution that this may not be the car for you. (Consider yourself warned!)

I read ebay listings ALL THE TIME that say this sale is final or NO RETURNS, well I think so highly of my car that if there is a buyer for my vehicle and within 30 days he or she changes their mind about owning it, I'll GLADLY refund their money. Just ship it back to me in the condition that I sold it and I'll refund your money, ALL OF IT!!!

I have three Bugatti T-35 Roadster Replicas and the last picture in my photos section (reg Bugatti) is the one that is getting my full attention now.

And with all of my cars I strive for reliability and aesthetic authenticity. These iconic prewar roadsters are designed very organic and simple, and to achieve an authentic Bugatti look, all one has to do is Google Bugatti T-35 Roadster and hundreds of pictures of authentic Bugatti's are there for your perusal and study. It takes very little money to bring the Bugatti replicas to a reasonable look of period authenticity, just pay attention to the details, tyres; rims; nickel plating; badges and racing stickers (vintage of course). You're not going to fool everybody of course, but if you are passionate and discerning about automotive design and form, for very little money (relatively speaking) you will be able to bring any Bugatti replica to its most potential and have a lot of motoring excitement and accumulate a lot of new friends admirers and lovers in the process. Let's face it, that's the real reason we all like nice things.

Some of the other accoutrements that complement the visual authenticity of my Bugatti T-35 Broadway Roadster are the incredibly large, genuine 19" powder coated Model A wire wheels with hand painted pin striping (courtesy Arizona Riverboat Casino) in fact, that's their sunburst logo still beneath the front grill mesh (thats gotta go, I know) with the correct period Coker Tyres. In my previously sold Bugatti, the tyres were brand new, manufactured from old vintage Lucas molds, but these tyres are really vintage, probably from the 1930's and they show signs of light surface cracking. I drive this car everyday with absolutely no issues but I think if you are considering freeway driving, you will need new tyres. Oddly enough, most of the Bugatti replicas that I have seen do not pay attention to this detail, it simply makes the car!! The rear authentic luggage case on the back of the car looks so amazing, but the last year of Key West sun and rain has taken its toll on the leather case, $100 and about a 10 minute search on eBay under "vintage leather suitcase" gets you another. It is fastened down onto the luggage rack with period correct 60" leather straps, blows people away! Remember, it's the little things.

I would say that 80% of the people that look at this car think that it is a real Bugatti T-35 (and when they ask if it's real I say "Hell Yea"). And the 10% who know or suspect that the car is a replica, are serious car enthusiasts like myself, as the front to rear nickel plated leaf suspension (among other things) of an authentic Bugatti T-35 is incomparably beautiful and impossible to replicate inexpensively. So until I get my hands on a disposable $2.3 million for an authentic Bugatti, this moderately priced, exhilarating wonder car is my vicarious release into the lifestyle of "The Rich and Famous". Owning my Bugatti's has made me feel young again as will any coveted super car, regardless of price as feeling amazing when you drive doesn't have to cost a fortune. Are replica cars good investments? Ask Jay Leno, he has two Bugatti T-35 replicas and drives them often!!

I have been selling on eBay for many years and my feedback is still perfect because I really try to do my best to accurately represent what it is that I am selling. Vintage and collectible cars are especially difficult to trade on eBay (usually a sight unseen purchase) because condition is so very subjective. This car has been sitting for the better part of 40 years and it has a very real and desirable "patina". The paint is very acceptable and will polish to a high sheen. Having been in Key West for a year or so, some of the non stainless steel screws are starting to oxidize. The chrome headlights, and non-breathing air intakes on the bonnet of the car were starting to show signs of surface rust so I had them all removed and powder coated in nickel, the non functioning exhaust pipes have not been powder coated and show very signs of rust on one or two of the pipes, so this will need attention soon. Looks very much like nickel but don't take this car to the Concours at Pebble Beach and expect to walk away with ribbons and trophies. This is a sexy, one of a kind high quality VERY LOW MILEAGE Bugatti T-35 Broadway Roadster replica, not a Duesenberg. If you are a normal person with normal expectations when purchasing a 46 year old collector car, then you will be overwhelmed and delighted, if not just ship it back and I'll refund your money (now who does that?)

I have driven the car from Key West, Florida on the Overseas Highway to Naples, Florida through Alligator Alley (250 miles each way) several times and I have never had a more exhilarating motoring experience in my life (except with my other 2 Bugatti's)! This beautiful and wonderful Replica Bugatti T-35 reminded me of what it was to enjoy driving again, this is no sales pitch, I mean every word I say, I can't wait for my wife to ask me to go to the store to pick up something, I even look for reasons to drive now and I get in and drive my Bugatti's at least 3 times daily.

The Bugatti that I am selling is built on a 1968 Volkswagen chassis with a 1500 cc motor and a very rare 1968 Volkswagen microbus automatic transmission (wifey can't drive a stick, no problem) that is reliable enough to drive across the country (weather permitting). Any repair that the car required was taken care of by a Volkswagen specialists here in Key West, Florida by Hans Motors, no expense spared. I had some problems with the starter so I had it replaced. Also the steering had a slight wobble when I hit a bump in the road but my excellent mechanic found the problem and replaced what needed replacing. Lastly, the engine was hesitating a bit when I pressed the accelerator so he replaced the rotors and whatever else caused this problem and the car runs and sounds magnificently, like an early racer!! I'm not sure why the brake and signal light are not working so I am relegated to hand signal when driving in the Florida Keys. I am sure this is a minor fix (I am no gear head, just a Bugatti car nut) but the headlights and running lights work perfectly. It is wonderfully solid and completely rust free (inside and out and underneath) and a superb investment. There are no leaks that I am aware of (that oil spill under my car is from other cars) The reason that I am selling my cream T-35 is because I found a red Bugatti T-35 Roadster replica of my dreams, a front engined Ironsmith built in the 1970's and I want to give it my full attention financially and make it as authentic as possible.

The interior gauges are certainly not accurate Bugatti gauges but they are vintage (probably late 1960's) and in very good/excellent condition.

The fuel gauge in this Bugatti also does not register the correct amount of fuel (always reads empty) so I just fill it up every few days (no big deal right?). I also forgot to mention the very high quality, perfect fitting burgundy tonneau button down cockpit cover (cost $450) that will keep the interior of the car completely dry even in a hurricane. I get many offers to loan the car out for photography shoots which I do for $90 an hour, but the last shoot the model exited the car using the passenger Brooklands windshield as a brace and it cracked so I had it removed. You will need to go to your local glass maker and have them cut a new glass (molded after the driver side) which will cost about $20-$30. I had this done several times for all three of my Bugatti's, turnaround usually takes a few days.


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