1927 Bugatti Roadster VW Bug Kit Shriner Awesome

Winning bid: US $4,550

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Funnybug sez:

mid $4k seems to be the runrate on these in running condition

Ebay Description:

This is my 1927 Bugatti Roadster kit built in about 1971 on a 1966 VW beetle platform. It's an awesome car! If you don't enjoy driving a car that EVERYONE wants to talk to you about, this isn't the car for you! Be ready for cameras in the windows of passing cars, people waving and crowds gathering around you wherever you park. Its pretty cool!

Anyhow, it started out as a 1966 Beetle and was converted to a Bugatti in around 1971. It is powered by a 1975 VW 1600cc dual-port engine that was rebuilt in 2002. At that time it was being driven by a local shriner who only drove the car in parades. He claimed it wa driven less than 100 miles in that time, all of which was at idle speed in parades. I can't prove that, but it seems reasonable being that it runs so well. It was unregistered but road-worthy from 2002-2010. I bought the car from the Shriner member and have made the necessary minor repairs to drive the car on the road. I repaired the brake and headlights, gave the engine a tune-up, replaced the clutch and got the car registered for the road. It runs really well, starts up instantly and idles as it should. It shifts through all the gears fine, but it took me a bit of getting used to. The clutch is new, the brakes work fine and the car steers as expected. It has custom exhaust and it doesn't sound like a VW (which is good). It's loud, but not obnoxious in my opinion. The engine has no smoke, no knocks, no strange noises. I has a very minor oil leak from the valve cover, but it never bothered me. The headlights and taillights work fine and it's perfectly roadworthy. It has about a 10 gallon (Im guessing) custom fuel cell in the trunk compartment. I've driven it on the interstate at 70mph several times. It's a blast!

The body is in nice shape and the paint is older but holding up fine. Minus a few chips and minor scuffs the paint is shiny and presentable. It has custom numbers painted on as well as a few Mason and Shriner logos. It has unique 3-piece American Racing wire wheels that really fit the look of the car. It has a full sized spare. There is a siren that works (loud!) and a horn that plays 'dixie' like the Dukes of Hazzard. I wasn't kidding about this being an attention grabbing car!

The tires are a bit older but have excellent tread and like I've said, I woldn't hesitate to drive it on the interstate as it is. The gauges aren't working and I never looked into why. The cassette player just plays static. You wouldn't be able to hear it anyway. Otherwise, the car works as it should and looks super cool doing it! The car is currently registered, tagged and insured in Georgia in my name. Keep in mind that Georgia is a non-title state. The state does not issue titles for vehicles older than 1986. All that is needed to transfer ownership is a current signed tag reciept and a bill of sale. I will provide those for a legal transfer of ownership. It is registered as a 1966 Volkswagen Beetle.

I'll be happy to help with shipping within reason, but it is the buyers responsibility to make all the arrangements. If you'd rather pick it up yourself, come on down and drive it away. Or, there are tow-bars available petty inexpensively that fit 1950s thru 1970s standard VW beetles that will flat tow this car behind nearly anything with a hitch. I have flat towed it hundreds of miles like this without incident.

Email me with questions, anyone bidder is welcome and encouraged to come have a look in person. Once you bid to win, it's yours! Good luck and bid high!!


On Jun-29-11 at 09:28:53 PDT, seller added the following information:


I've gotten several emails asking if the car could drive across the country. And I just don't know. I've only driven it on local roads and highways in the Atlanta metro area. Anyone who's driven in Atlanta knows that roads and drivers here are pretty crazy to deal with in a new car, much less this wacky car. That being said, a cross country trip in this car just seems like a roll of the dice to me, I'm not that hard-core and I wouldn't do it. Afterall, it is a 45 year-old car that was totally modified 40 years ago to look like an 85 year-old car. Its not perfect. Also, at highway speed the wind just blows around the windshields and into your face. At the minimum you'd need glasses, probably goggles to drive it reasonably safely. Without doors, a top or side glass, it's an interesting and unique driving experience in the elements.

Anyhow, I just want to make sure everyone is clear. The car WILL drive down the road and handle highway speed. Whether it's wise or safe to drive a 45 year old kit-car on the interstate or across the country is 100% up to you. It doesn't handle, steer, brake, accelerate, or sound like a modern car. It does all those things like one would reasonably expect from a 1966 kit-car.

The bottom line is, you gotta be on your toes to drive this car, period. So with that, good luck bidding, I'm sure going to be sad to see the car go!

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