1927 Bugatti Type 35 Boattail Speedster replica

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a quality build

Ebay Description:

Have you ever wanted to own a Bugatti but don't want to spend over a million dollars for a vintage racer? Now you can by purchasing my replica of a 1927 Bugatti Type 35 for a fraction of the price. This kit is built on a 1970 Volkswagon Beetle chassis and of all the kits I have seen it is the most authentic. It is proportioned exactly like the real thing. I am here to tell you driving this car is a complete blast! It sounds absolutely awsome, there is nothing like the sound of a rorty air cooled engine. This car is very interactive in the driving experience. You feel every bit of what the car is doing mechanically from the engagement of gears to the effort of the non power assisted steering. Having the wind in your face is an experience like no other! People go nuts over this car, most of them don't know what it is and when you tell them it is a Bugatti they are awestruck. If you don't like attention this is not the car for you because you will get questions wherever you go, even at traffic lights. This is the most fun you can have on four wheels, you feel like you are back in 1927 driving a race car!

History: I purchased this car in 2002 at a car show near my house from a very interesting fellow named Alan. He told me he aquired the car from the previous owner who could not pay him the bill for his work on the car so he signed over the car to Alan. Alan is a Volkswagon expert and he tuned the car and made sure it ran tip top. The best part is when Alan sold me the car he gave me a 90 day written warranty! How often do you get that on a 32 year old car from a private party? He was that confident in the car. I have kept the Bugatti in the garage ever since, driving it occasionally but now with twins on the way I am selling off some of my collection so we can buy a bigger house with unfortunately a smaller garage.

Exterior Condition: The Bugatti is finished in stunning British Racing Green over tan. This car has a nice patina to it which is what makes it look authentic. The paint is smooth as glass and very shiny but it is not perfect. There are some scratches near the back which I point to in one of the photos. The radiator grill and other brightwork is the same, it just has that patina which is totally in keeping with a vintage race car. The tires are good and have plenty of tread.

Interior Condition: The interior of the Bugatti looks great. I have just installed brand new tan carpet so it literally does not have a spot on it. The wood dashboard is also brand new and I made it myself. While I don't think Rolls-Royce is going to ask me to come work for them any time soon to make wood dash boards, I think I did a good job and it has a deep gloss to it. The vinyl seat does not have any rips, tears, seam seperation, or burns but it has the same patina as the rest of the car. All of the black rubber channel around the edges of the body and the dashboard is also brand new.

Mechanically: This Bugatti runs and drives great. The brakes feel great and are firm. There is no pulsating of the pedal. The steering feels good and of coarse lightens up a little bit with speed. The gearbox is vague but that is part of the fun of driving it and the clutch engages as it should and does not slip. The car does not idle well and if you don't give it some gas it will die at a stoplight. It always starts right back up so it either just needs to be driven a little more as I have not had time much the last few years or it needs a simple tune up. That is the good part about this car, it is very easy to work on and since it is based on a VW parts are cheap and easy to get. Also the speedometer does not work and the true miles are unknown although it reads about 14K miles. It has a K&N washable air filter.

Needs: There are a couple of things the Bugatti needs depending on what state you live in or if you want to do them. The first thing it needs is seatbelts. They do require them in Illinois, check with your state, I have never gotten a ticket here in Illinois but it is only a matter of time. Also it needs turn signals. The holes are there to mount them on the front and the assembly's are there in the back but need to be wired. I never installed them because I thought it was way more fun to use hand signals. The brake lights, taillights and headlights do work.

Special Notes:

-Car is sold as-is with no warranty.

-You are more them welcome to come and inspect and test drive the Bugatti BEFORE you bid.

-If you want to set up an appointment to see the car or would like to talk to me over the phone rather then e-mail me, my phone number is 630-334-6974 and my name is Joe.

-Insurance is very cheap on this car, regular insurance for me was just over $200 and if I went with collector car insurance I was qouted under $100 a year! Also it is very good on gas.

-By bidding you are entering into a contract to purchase an automobile, this is not the first right of refusal. Please please ask me anything questions you may have BEFORE you bid, I will be happy to answer them.

-I have set the reserve price very, very reasonably, there is one for sale near my house that they are asking $18K for, my reserve is a fraction of that but please don't e-mail me asking me what the reserve is. That is not fair to other bidders and if you want the car have some fun and get in the game and bid!

-For some reason I think Ebay disables the link to www.flickr.com after awhile. If this happens cut and paste it to your browser and it should work. If not contact me and I will e-mail you the pictures.


On May-10-11 at 10:42:51 PDT, seller added the following information:

Update 5/10/11: Another Ebayer noticed there is no belt for the alternater. I can't beleive I didn't notice that the old one snapped and fell off. So I went out and bought a new belt and installed it hoping this might also fix the idle problem since the engine may not be getting enough spark. When I went to start the car it cranked but would not start and that is when I noticed a fuel leak. Do to the leak it is not getting fuel into the engine but I can't see exactly where it is coming from. As a result I do not know if the new alternator belt will fix the idle problem. It ran great and was not leaking fuel the other day when I drove it to take pictures. I just want to be up front and honest with everyone, I am lowering the reserve $500, hopefully this is an easy fix but I do not know, I just want you to know the car will need some tinkering but I don't have time to do it right now.


On May-13-11 at 17:24:27 PDT, seller added the following information:

Please people these auctions do cost money. Ebayer "roly-solo" has already retracted two bids because he has entered the wrong price. He sat as the high bidder for three days before retacting his last bid preventing others of you who may have wanted to get in at a lower price from bidding. If you can't enter the right price after ebay asked you twice if the price your entering is correct get someone who can work a computer to help you out. Thanks and good luck bidding to everyone else.


On May-14-11 at 20:04:02 PDT, seller added the following information:

My apologies to all bidders, the bidder "roly-solo" has once again bid on the auction. Obviously if he/she didn't want the car at $3001.00 he doesn't want it at $3615.00. I have canceled his latest bid and blocked him so he can't continue messing up the auction for the rest of you. I didn't know I could do this before. Once again my apologies and thank you very kindly to all you bidders that have already bid and have had to put up with this. Best of luck to all!

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