1929 Bugatti wannabee on steroids

US $2,225.00
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Funnybug sez:
those tires are screamin 1978!


Ebay Description:

Pff..What can I say ? One man's trash is another man's treasure..We took this banana on wheels on trade on a supernice , superlow mileage 76 Eldo c.v.. It has a freshly rebuilt V.W. engine ( don't know what size ) and runs good. Just does'nt want to idle well rightnow , but that should be an easy adjustment. I have an invoice from 05 / 2009 for $1233,46 ( for new piston set , new pushrod tubes , new gasketset , new points , condenser , sparkplugs , oil , new clutch assembly , new muffler and labor.) Personally , I think it would look a lot better without the hoodscoop , the windshield and rollbars , different ( wire ) wheels , seats etc. Actually , I think it would look THE BEST on a truck , leaving outtahere , going for a far destination ! Well , as they say , there's a butt for every seat ; I just hope he's already born and walking around with a driverslicense and enough pictures of dead presidents in his pocket to get it off my hands ! Could this be YOU ? Are you crazy enough to want this beast ? I mean , it's certainly cheap enough and it's titled as a 1929 Bugatti , so you can insure it for peanuts and not worry about emission checks anywhere. So , make me an offer I can't refuse ! ( maybe I should'nt say that , I might take ANY offer ! )

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