1927 Bugatti Type 35B Replica

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Funnybug sez:
sprawling acrerage, wooded pines, pool with deck, Bugatti replica.. I'll bet there's a trophy wife we don't get to see.


Ebay Description:

This car runs great and it is a blast to drive! I can't stop at a store or even a red light without someone asking a lots of questions and/or wanting to take pictures.

I'm not sure when it was originally built but it was rebuilt and titled in 1984. I believe it is a 1975 Precious Coach, Ltd., kit car. See attached picture of the brochure I found at http://www.mclellansautomotive.com/lit/bysub/kit-cars-and-replicars/bugatti/index.shtml. It has a 1966 Volkswagen chassis, and is powered by a one year old rebuilt 1600cc VW motor with a singly Kadron carburetor. I have a clear South Carolina title which list a Kentucky VIN (KY9185, assigned as home made). The car has been garage kept by the previous owners and myself. I have owned it for one year. I am selling it to start a business. In the year that I owned it I have completed the following upgrades and repairs. I will also note any problems or uncompleted items. The car is sold "as is" so please ask questions! Please email questions and provide a phone number and I'll call you with the answers.

Replaced complete wire harness from a donor 72 VW. The four smaller gages are not connected yet and wire harness is not dressed up under the dash.
The engine was rebuild by a local VW shop for me about one year ago when I bought the car. (there is still a small oil leak by the right drive shaft). I have only put about two thousand miles on it since being rebuilt.
I replaced the fender support braces with thicker ones which i had made by a local welding shop. Note: The fender are stainless steel and are not chrome. They look good from about three feet away but have scratches when looked at up close (see picture of license plate). The old braces wobbled and caused the fenders to rub on the leather rap by the tire (see picture). The new braces have not been painted yet.
All breaks and master break cylinder were replaced by the same VW that did the engine replacement.
The paint looks great from a distant but has some small scratches and touch-up mainly over the bolts that connect the body to the chassis. The paint is bright red exterior airplane acrylic paint.
The radio works but either it or the speakers will need to be replace. They have static when played.
The gas tank was removed and flushed out and the the outside was repainted and then a new mount was installed to allow you to get to the master break cylinder. I also removed some carpet from inside the trunk area due to an old break line leak.
The car's interior carpet could use cleaning and/or be replaced.
There is a new one year old battery.
I installed a air intake piping system to direct air into the air cooled engine. I also installed a small blower to help direct air into the engine when stalled in traffic.
Tires are new(er) 85%+ life left. Rims have very very small amount of rust. Head light chrome has pitting which can only be seen up close. (See pictures)


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