. 1982 Electric GT .

Opening bid: US $7500.

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Funnybug sez:

I'm sorry, home grown electrics, although interesting, all seem to lose the whole kit car idea.

EBAY Description:

1982 Bradley GT Electric Car

  • Clean Title
  • 2,000 Original Miles
  • Gull Wing Doors
  • 4 Speed Hurst Shift
  • Removable Tinted Sun Roof
  • FM Stereo Cassette with (sound equalizer)
  • Power Antenna
  • Aluminum Mag Rimes
  • Rear Air Shocks
  • Heater and Defroster
  • Michelin low mileage tires good condition (stored on blocks off the ground)
  • Interior condition (the carpet is in new condition seats are good condition)
  • White Fiberglass Body (No damage to fiberglass body)
  • GE Electric Motor 96 Volts (type H)
  • Lester Automatic Battery Charger 110 / 220 volts (outside vehicle utility line plug-in)
  • Lester Automatic Battery Charger 96Volt and 12 Volt batteries charging at 30 amp
  • Battery Charger (recently reconditioned by Lester Inc.)
  • Winco 3,000 Watt Generator (battery power regeneration)
  • Batteries Connectors, Quick Battery Disconnect, Batteries Hold Down Mounts
  • Owner's Manuals, Maintenance, Repairs, Parts

The Bradley GT Electric Car was purchased in mid 1985 from a Bradley car dealer having 1,000 miles, an additional 1,000 miles was driven a short time after and then stored on blocks off the ground in a garage.

The white fiberglass body is not faded and need to be waxed, the underside is protected with an under coating with the fiberglass body mounted on a steel frame in good conduction.

The Bradley GT Electric Car is factory rated using the heavy duty maintenance batteries and a PCM motor controller to cruse the distance of 200 miles highway at top speed of 75 MPH and 60 city miles driving on a single charge, accelerates at a rate of 0 to 60 in 16 seconds.

The Bradley GT Electric Car using 8 -12 volt batteries to run the drive motor at 96 to 144 DC volts efficiently, additional 8-12 volt batteries can be installed in the fount compartment to improve vehicle range and speed.

Updating batteries and motor controller will improve overall vehicle range and performance compared to the original components.

The Bradley GT Electric Car Winco Generator provides 3,000 watt 115 AC volt 26 amp installed to the electric drive motor connected to the 115 AC Lester battery charger.

The Winco Generator is mounted above the drive motor to allow power regeneration recharging the batteries when down shifting and cursing down hill.

Using 16 Trojan 24-AGM 12V 80Ah AGM Battery will run the electric car for over one hour city driving this dose not include battery regeneration using Winco Genertor.

The batteries and motor controller are easy to replace with updated high efficient replacements batteries and motor controller to assure top performance and energy efficiency.

The GT Electric Car using 8 -12 volt batteries in the rear compartment to run the drive motor, also there are battery cables provided to connect an additional

8 -12 volt batteries in the fount compartment.

Replacement of the Curtis PMC Models 1221C-8601 motor controller costing $1,495 and 8 - 12 volt heavy duty maintenance free batteries costing $219.58 each, a total of 8 batteries required at $1,756.64 this cost will very by their type and manufacture the combined batteries and motor controller MFG cost at $3,251.64

Item Location: Boca Raton, Florida


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