. Bradley GTII GT2 Kit car VW bug chassis w/ Rotary Engine .

Winning bid: US $2,550 .

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Funnybug sez:

okay,, so it's not air cooled.. it's VW based and still COOL..

EBAY Description:

You are bidding on a 1977~1979 Bradley GTII ( GT2 )

The vehicle currently runs, steering, brakes, and all lighting currently working

Bradley made kit cars based on the VW bug chassis.
The GTII that I have listed is their more premium model of which only ~700 were ever made.
Both models featured gullwing doors (like Delorean, or Mercedes SLS)
This specific vehicle has been retrofitted with a rotary engine out of a Mazda RX7 making it one of the most fun to drive kit cars you will ever find.

The car:
-VW bug chassis with independent rear suspension.
-Chassis has minimal rust and floor pans are solid.
-Body in primer, doors and engine cover have original gel coat.
-Custom fiberglass rear hatch (original glass also included)
-Interior is currently in fair condition have all of the original pieces(except seats) with original covering
-Seats were replaced with 2 way adjustable seats
-Both drivers and passenger seat have 4 way harnesses installed.
-Front brakes were replaced with disc brakes, stainless steel brake lines
-Pedals replaced with CNC pedals with hydraulic clutch added (pedals moved to allow for more legroom)

The rotary engine:
Mazda 12A out of 1982 RX 7
Was completely rebuilt and ported before installation into this vehicle
Holley 4 barrel carburetor
Custom exhaust
Has front mounted radiator, and rear mounted oil cooler
Estimated: ~150hp

Kennedy Engineering adapter and clutch connecting engine to VW bug transmission.

The vehicle currently runs, steering, brakes, and all lighting currently working

Also includes spare transmission, many extra original parts, tow bar, license plate frame, ornamentation, key chain.
Item Location: Plymouth, Michigan

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