Bradley GT ll DeTomaso Pantera drive train

Winning bid: US $3,025

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Funnybug sez:

ok. It isn't VW or electric or Corvair powered, but it's DeTomaso power train warrants inclusion here

Ebay Description:

Here is a very rare Bradley GTll car because it is powered by a DeTomaso Pantera drive train rather that a VW. It has the gullwing doors. I am not sure what chassis was used to mount the motor and body. I don't know alot about the car. I got it from my brother in law's estate. I have been told that the builder was an engineer for the Ford motor co. He had a financial partner for the car. He was just putting finishing touches on the car when his wife found out about a girlfriend. Apparantly she took a ball peen hammer to his pet project and broke all of the windows and knocked holes in the fiberglass body. The builder lost heart and sold his interest to his financial partner. My brother in law bought it from him. The state of Michigan has no record of having titled it as a car. The car does run and has a 351ci Ford motor. I'm not sure if it is a cleveland or winsor. The ZF transmission is from a DeTomaso Pantera. There are very few miles on the completed car. I don't have any records for the engine to tell if it was a fresh engine, rebuilt, or just used. Since I brought it to Pa I have driven it about 12 miles. Please feel free to ask any questions. I will try to find accurate honest answers for you about the car. As I understand it, since it was never titled , it is not a recognizes motor vehicle so the state that live in would title it as a newly manufactures car. I have not tried to start it for several months. The last time I did have it running the master cylinder for the clutch was low so the clutch did not move. I'm sure that a bit of fluid would solve that problem. It had happened when I first brought it home to Pa several years ago. I have been told that the original ZF tranny is worth over $3000 for a core. I really don't want to part out the car if someone would want the whole thing. Please note the car is not ready to be driven. It will need decent tires, windshield, brakes checked etc. The car is basically barn fresh and will need a complete going over before it would considered road worthy..

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